As like Joe Wilson so stated,   

You know darned well that this Ebola infected person came into contact with more than just a few people.

The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital patient traveled from Liberia to September 19 and arrived in the United States on the next day, without showing symptoms of the deadly virus, CDC Director Tom Frieden told reporters in a press conference filmed by NBC News.

The patient, Frieden said, started to show signs of the virus September 24 and then ‘sought care’ on the 26th.

Frieden said two days later the patient was admitted to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas and isolated.

via Ebola is in America: Dallas man is diagnosed with disease AFTER return from Africa in first case found on U.S. soil. Now in isolation but he MAY have infected others.  Just for funzies I thought I would share ZeroCrapCare’s Mengele aka Ezequiel Rahm talking to Chrissy Tingles about the reality of Ebola within the border and Tingles kinda takes Rahm to the woodshed.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I’m just trying to follow the logic here. Everybody’s being told, don’t worry unless they have the infectious symptoms, you can see them, that you don’t have to worry about catching them. Yet, this guy picked up the disease apparently from somebody who did not have the infectious symptoms.

DR. EZEKIEL EMANUEL: Again, don’t hypothesize because we just don’t know. We have no idea what he did or didn’t do and how he got it. I’m sure that’s going to be vital information to try to understand the transmission, but the idea that there’s going to be a widespread outbreak here, I think is just, again, it’s a bit of fear mongering. We have a single case. This is not a big, widespread –

I thoroughly enjoyed the “we don’t know” line.  Too bad the ass didn’t tell zero he didn’t know how badly zerocrapcare would stink.  Oops, my bad.  He did know, he just didn’t want zero to spill the beans on tv if the teleprompter crashed.

MATTHEWS: Yeah, yeah, but I’m just going back to the president’s statement, doctor, and that is that the president said it would be unlikely if we had a case in this country. Unlikely to even have one case. You want to see the tape again?

“You want to see that tape again?”   Bwhahahahhahaha, that Tingles really knows how to toss that hot potato.

EMANUEL: He said there wouldn’t be an Ebola outbreak.

MATTHEWS: No, and in the second part of his sentence he said in the unlikely case someone brings it here. In the unlikely case someone brings it here. Well, they’ve done it. We’re living in the world of the unlikely already. That’s all I’m saying. I’m not fear mongering. I’m stating the facts and I wonder if everybody else is.

Shocking…Tingles is stating facts.  I know, what happened?

EMANUEL: The reason we can be assured here that this isn’t going to be a major outbreak is we have a CDC that can do very good contact tracing. We have a very good health system that takes universal precautions on all patients, with the gloves. And you’re not regularly in contact with people’s bodily fluids the way it is much more common in Liberia. I think those things distinguish it. And I don’t think we should get into a panic because we were reassured it would never be in the United States.

Bodily fluids?  Hmm, only 1 in 5 wash their hands after using the toilet in America.  Get that hand sanitizer bottle in size ginormous.  It is difficult to take Rahm’s words seriously.  Yes, he did get an M.D. from Harvard but you have to wonder about that degree when you read what he proposes as a bioethecist.


MATTHEWS: No, the president said it was unlikely two weeks ago. Well, it’s not the unlikely, it has happened. It’s here.

Jeebus, Tingles might not get a bonus this year for this interview.  Ezekiel Rahm should return to his ivory tower, dungeon, whatever and remain there forever.

Surprised?  This is the age of unicorns and skittle turds in the land of Obama.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will not install a new patient scheduling system to all of its 153 hospitals and 50,000 users until 2020, according to contract documents released last week.

The VA views a new patient scheduling system as key to resolving problems which have consigned veterans to a waiting list limbo for months or years.  In July, acting VA Secretary Sloan Gibson told the House Veterans Affairs committee the new scheduling system would be deployed in 2016.

The new timeline for the patient scheduling system, released last week, said VA expects to deploy an “Alpha” version to the first 300 users at two hospitals in 2016. That would be followed by a beta version to 700 users at five hospitals in 2018 and installation at all 153 hospitals in 2020.

Last month VA said it would issue an RFP for the patient scheduling system by the end of this month, with bids due in 30 days.

VA said it intends to buy commercial software, so why, oh, why, will it take six years to field it?

How could this happen?  Oh right…we all know how the government saves money and time getting these important things up and running.

No New VA Patient Schedule System Until 2020 –

Reality is not tevee.  Reality is the here and now.  How one perceives it is another matter.  Without coping skills, one is certainly lost.   I think that Brett Ellis is right…

The author lays the blame on the generation’s parents who grew up in a cynical age – yet when it came to building their own families they tried to shroud their children from the harsh realities of life.

He warns young people: ‘People won’t like you, that person may not love you back, kids are really cruel, work sucks, it’s hard to be good at something, life is made up of failure and disappointment, you’re not talented, people suffer, people grow old, people die.’

His words come after three years of tweeting, in which the author and screenplay-writer regularly mocked young people for being too sensitive.

One tweet read: ‘Typical Generation Wuss comment: “You know, Twitter has really ruined you for me.” It’s TWITTER. Get a f****** life’.

And after a former fan tweeted, ‘I just can’t follow Bret Easton Ellis anymore. He’s so pretentious that I hate myself for following him’, he responded: ‘Hey GENERATION WUSS: Grow a dick.’

« Generation Wuss ».

How they repay the parents that helicopter help them over the course of the first year at college.

The fox is guarding the henhouse.

Inside the New York Fed: Secret Recordings and a Culture Clash – ProPublica.

and The Secret Recordings of Carmen Segarra.

Can I just say that there are many in need of this wisdom?


Schools need ceasefire in ‘Blackhawk parenting’

A second-grade teacher writes: “I teach in a very competitive school where parents have developed a ‘mob mental-ity’ for bullying administrators and teachers. They have gone beyond helicopter parenting to Apache Blackhawk parenting.”

That’s the report, by the way, of teachers and administrators all over the country. Whether they work in public or private schools, the biggest problem they have is with parents who can’t let their children be responsible for themselves. They help their kids with homework, often downright doing it for them; they help their kids study for tests; and they demand of educators that their kids’ school experience be immaculate. I don’t believe that pouring more money into education has worked or is going to work, but I do believe that teachers should be duly compensated for putting up with this garbage.

With a nod to the rare exception, parents in the 1960s and before did not do any of the above.

No matter how unfair a teacher might have been, my parents would never have intervened on my behalf at school. I know this for a fact because one of my elementary teachers was emotionally unsuited to her job, and for whatever reason I became one of her targets. I complained to my parents. They told me that I needed to learn how to stay out of her crosshairs, that she was not the last person of that sort I was going to have to deal with in my life. They made it clear that they were not going to intervene on my behalf. I was not at all pleased with the position they took, but I subsequently figured out how to stay out of her crosshairs.

Back in those halcyon days, the overwhelming majority of parents were focused on important, lasting issues. They were determined to raise sturdy kids who grew up to be good neighbors, responsible citizens. I often tell my audiences that my parents did not care what grades I made in school; they only cared that I did my best and made it perfectly clear that I’d better clear that bar, always. From what I gather, they were typical in that regard. The issue was a child’s character, not his or her accomplishments.

Attendance at high school reunions should be mandatory because that’s where one discovers, or should, that grades don’t really matter that much. Sometimes, the really successful person didn’t make outstanding grades and the person who made outstanding grades has led a less than outstanding life. One comes away from a high school reunion less impressed with a former classmate’s accomplishments as with how he or she treats other people. You want to reconnect, not because the individual in question is a highdollar CEO but because he/she is a genuinely nice person.

Parents who descend on their kids’ schools with torches and pitchforks have lost a proper perspective, if they ever had one in the first place. The raising of a child should be a joy. They’re having no fun at all. They’re all stressed out, nearly all of the time, and they just don’t get it. They are their own worst enemies. Visit family psychologist John Rosemond’s website at

John Rosemond and his wife, Willie, have been married more than 40 years. Also pictured is Mazi (their Toy Schnauzer)

Ah, those engineers do like fine music.   Better than that whiney you know what addressing the fools at the UN.


Originally posted on Fusion:

A new video showing two influential Mexican reporters taking wads of cash from a notorious drug lord suggests the long tendrils of cartel influence have established a grip in the country’s journalism industry, as has been rumored for years.

The video, which was published yesterday by Mexican news site MVS, shows two reporters from Mexico’s troubled Michoacan state appearing to accept money from one of the country’s most wanted drug lords, Servando Gomez, leader of the Knights Templar Cartel. The men then discuss a “communication strategy” to improve the cartel’s image and are heard asking for trucks and cameras.

The handoff occurs at the: 22:56 mark

Cartels have long intimidated Mexican journalists, and even killed reporters who ignored their threats. This video suggests that organized crime is also trying to buy off journalists, creating a new brand of narco-journalism.

“The risks for journalists in Mexico are no longer just falling…

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