It’s amazing that you don’t hear about more people in these crowded cities mashed and mangled.

Japan has been a late adopter when it comes to smartphones, but it’s catching up quickly – already more than half the population owns one. But Tokyo is a crowded city, and warnings are being issued about the risk of mass collisions among phone-using pedestrians at one busy crossing.

It’s 5pm on a Friday and I’m standing in a coffee shop above Shibuya crossing – one of the most famous intersections in the world.

It’s a place where every two minutes, more than a thousand of Tokyo’s smartly dressed commuters and fashion-making teens gather at eight points, ready to cross – then rush straight for each other.

It looks like they must crash, this sea of people, but they swerve and swing around each other, like dancers pirouetting, and they all get to the other side safely.

via Japan enters the era of smartphones and ‘dumbwalking’.

I’ve been out celebrating.  We had a party for my mum who celebrated her 60th  year anniversary on becoming a US citizen.  She did it the hard way, but she will tell you that having gone through the legalities for years…it was all very much worth it!  Congrats to my mum who had five children grow up in the best country in the world.  We certainly wouldn’t have gotten to where we are if she had not left Mexico.

Yeah, they are illegal if they cross without proper paperwork.  I’m not pc, I don’t care about pc…it is what it is.

Just outside of Clint is the proposed site where a New York-based company has plans to build a 3,500-bed shelter to house children crossing the border illegally.

Of course not in your backyard.

CLINT – A New York-based company has proposed building a 3,500-bed shelter just outside the boundary of this bucolic farming town to house unaccompanied children caught crossing the border illegally.

via Proposed shelter for immigrant kids could swell border town(BTW, the local papers won’t even let the public know about this.)

Problem is that they eventually all grow up.  How grateful will they be?   Some will be just like this ass and you only need a few rotted apples to make the air stink.

Alfredo Garcia, a notorious serial plaintiff, convicted felon and undocumented immigrant, has been deported to Mexico. Garcia made it his business to sue small businesses, filing more than 800 lawsuits against businesses in the Los Angeles area for alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Garcia hasn’t held a job since he fell out of an avocado tree while he was drinking and high on cocaine about 18 years ago. Garcia’s back was broken, his spinal cord severed. Since then, he’s made a living off these lawsuits. It’s incredibly profitable, for Garcia and his longtime attorney Morse Mehrban.

Based on previously disclosed settlements, Eyewitness News can estimate that Garcia has collected approximately $1.2 million from business owners since he began filing lawsuits in 2007.

At the same time, Garcia applies for and receives fee waivers from the courts by claiming he is too poor to pay the court fees associated with the lawsuits. That means taxpayers pick up the tab.

Garcia typically sues small mom-and-pop type businesses, but among his 811 lawsuits, big names like Wal-Mart, Bank of America and Jamba Juice are also included. He’s also sued dozens of restaurants, auto-repair shops, a medical clinic where he received rehab, a lawyer who deposed him, the city of Cudahy and dozens of Laundromats.

Garcia and other serial plaintiffs look for A.D.A. violations like a bathroom mirror that’s mounted too high on a wall or a disabled parking space that doesn’t have the required access aisle. His lawsuits rarely go to trial, and Garcia has testified that he typically collects about $2,000 in settlement money per lawsuit.

“These cases amount to legalized extortion,” says attorney Jim Link who has defended dozens of local businesses against Garcia lawsuits.

Gross.  Send them ALL back home.  And while we are at it, make sure that those that come here for their fancy degrees do so (who are the elitist entitled) and then return to FIX their countries.  Look who’s footing the bill, but you already knew this.

Elections are coming up. What should the good citizen do?

Participate in local elections—sheriff, councilman, mayor. And state elections. It isn’t “game over” if your guy loses, the point is to prevent the process from falling further into the hands of madmen and extremists. Support the guy who changes his own oil, knows even a thousand bucks is a lot of somebody else’s money, and thinks “green space” is a stupid way to say “empty lot”. Extra points if he leaves meetings early to punch in for his real job, or because his livestock needs ‘tending. Find the right people. It matters. Do it right and they’ll find you. Remember the primaries too. Turnouts are light. This is how you get your own people nominated.

City and state governments have come to be federal field offices to one degree or another. Vote ‘em out. One by one. Zero tolerance. No mercy. If they’ve ever said the word collectively without a spittle-flecked sneer, if they’ve ever appeared in a grip-and-grin photo with a regulatory agency, if they’ve ever forced us to fund their hobby disease, or if they’ve ever displayed a check from DC the size of a drywall panel, vote ‘em out.

Stay well away from federal elections. That Obama has yet to step aside pending immediate impeachment, conviction and imprisonment—all on the same day, says all that needs saying. There will come a time when the full truth is pieced together, and a day when students ask their teachers how he ever held any office. The answer will be more unpleasant than the question. He and his co-conspirators in the legislature are all the evidence a person should need that voting doesn’t work, not for the citizenry. If voting worked it would have worked by now. When the process hints at working it’s savaged as terrorist activity. National elections are a pump-and-dump fraud, voting merely endorses the check.

There is only one legitimate schema for national government and that is the Constitution. We can vote all we wish, but as long as the power-plumbing of government is unlawful we have no access to real power. Until Constitutional government is restored the people are no more free than any other third-world peasantry living in any other strongman’s pest-hole. Until Constitutional government is restored, those who vote in elections for national office are participating in an ongoing criminal enterprise and knowingly so.

People don’t form governments to be threatened, defrauded, lied to, defamed, robbed and abused. This stuff will stop only with a repeat of the transformation that rocked the world in 1789, on the first day of Constitutional government. Voting hasn’t worked for a very long time and it doesn’t work now. Unless the serial treachery of the past is undone, it isn’t going to work in the future. Stop collaborating. Resist. Not voting is an act of resistance and resistance works. Collaborating with your abusers doesn’t work, it makes you a useful idiot. Change begins with resistance. It ends not with change we can believe in, rather change they can believe in, the kind of change that makes toxic twits run from office rather than for it. Serious change.

The fact is clear and obvious, national elections are bogus. The corruption has congealed in place. There’s no way voting significantly influences government at those levels, much less changes it. Their elections are their elections, not ours. Nothing of consequence can be changed this way. Elections are a roadblock, not a road. For instance, congressional districting ensures fewer seats are at risk than were in the Politburo of their beloved and lamented USSR. Another for instance, their federal judges routinely set aside state referendums that conflict with their personal sensibilities, one more legitimate avenue of redress criminally denied. Nobody should expect DC to change when they control the means to prevent it.

No kidding.  The corruption has congealed in place.  It’s freakin’ concrete in place now.

Rebuilding the republic has to begin at lower levels, down where we actually live. It has to be an economic and political insurgency. Discount anybody in national politics. Anybody. They can’t possibly help. The better ones are merely imperfectly dissolved bits of the toxic broth. Some are admirable, sure, but that’s all they are, those few that don’t roll over get used in other ways. Forget them. Resistance is the way and non-participation in their elections is resistance. Non-participation withholds even a suggestion of endorsement. It denies them the appearance of legitimacy, the one thing they can’t do without. The patriot’s hand should shake with shame when signing the voting register. It’s a stain on our honor that turnout for national elections isn’t where it rightfully belongs—zero.

from Good Citizenship over at ol remus at yer ol woodpile report.

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?   Distractions abound, are we ready for this escalation?

Poland said that a renewed buildup of Russian troops on Ukraine’s border raises the specter of a possible invasion, as President Vladimir Putin ordered his government to prepare a response to U.S. and European sanctions.

“Unfortunately, Russia has restored its combat-readiness on the Ukraine border with more than a dozen battalion-sized combat groups,” Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, told TVN24 BiS television yesterday, while giving no indication that an invasion was imminent. “There’s a lot of equipment. This is the sort of thing one does to exert pressure or to invade.”

Putin has showed no sign of backing down over Ukraine since the U.S. and the European Union tightened sanctions last week, with Russia massing forces on its neighbor’s border in the biggest military buildup since troops were withdrawn from the area in May.

via Putin Lashes Out as Poland Cites Invasion Threat .

Yup, he most certainly did.



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I call Chris many things because he makes me laugh.  SooperMexican agrees.

The entertainment business is a HUGE risky business for many who chase the stars.  In this case, the parents gave their son an incredible work ethic.  It paid off.  From the mom’s reaction, I don’t think that they ever banked on it.

Believe me when I tell you that raising a child is not easy (but you already knew that).  Your fall when they fall and you smile when they succeed.


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