UPDATE:  Gruber is more of an arrogant dumbass than he knows.

ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber apparently doesn’t think much of the intelligence of the American people.

A new tape has surfaced showing Gruber, once again, claiming the health care law’s authors took advantage of the “stupid” American public.

The tape, played on Fox News’ “The Kelley File,” showed Gruber speaking at an October 2013 event at Washington University in St. Louis.

Referring to the so-called “Cadillac tax” on high-end health plans, he said: “They proposed it and that passed, because the American people are too stupid to understand the difference.”

Now, the ass is trying to tell everyone that it is that other group trying to confuse the masses.  Ass should shutup and go hide in a hole like Saddam did.

Unfortunately for this country, he is telling the truth…most voters in this country are stupid.  In Gruber’s own words.

In a video that surfaced on Friday, economist and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber said “lack of transparency” and “stupidity of the American voter” were “critical” to passing the president’s unpopular health care law.

“Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” Gruber said. “Call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever. But basically, that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass.”

Gruber added that he wished “we could make it all transparent,” but said the bill would not have passed if not for the administration’s art of deception on key features of the law.

“This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes,” Gruber said. “If you had a law that made explicit that healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed.”

Gruber made clear that deliberately lying to the American people was a necessary measure in the passage of Obamacare.

“There’s things that I wish could change,” Gruber said. “But I’d rather have this law than not.”

May his you know what rot off slowly for what he and his pals have done to this country.

If we can’t see them, they don’t exist.

For decades, 90-year-old Arnold Abbott has hauled pans filled with roast chicken and cheese-covered potatoes onto a south Florida beach park to feed hundreds of homeless people.

For his good deeds, Abbott finds himself facing up to two months in jail and hundreds of dollars in fines after new laws that restrict public feeding of the homeless went into effect in Fort Lauderdale earlier this year.

“I’ve been fighting for the underdog all my life, so this is nothing new,” Abbott said.

He was first cited last Sunday, along with two clergymen and a volunteer from his nonprofit, Love Thy Neighbor.

On Wednesday, several police cars waited for Abbott at a downtown Fort Lauderdale park, and officers pulled aside the frail man, clad in a white chef’s coat, soon after the first plates were ready to be served.

“The ordinance does not prohibit feeding the homeless; it regulates the activity in order to ensure it is carried out in an appropriate, organized, clean and healthy manner,” Fort Lauderdale Mayor John P. Seiler said in a statement.

His crime?  No porta potty available for use.

Abbott moved to Florida from Massachusetts in 1970 and was a civil rights activist and wholesale jewelry salesman. He and his wife first began feeding the homeless on their own in 1979. He started the foundation and feeding full time in 1991 after his wife died, in a tribute to her memory.

That is some tribute.  She must have loved him very much.

The dispute highlights a debate between two schools of homeless rights activists: Those who argue that banning public feeding criminalizes the homeless, and others who say feeding and panhandling helps keep them on the street.

I was raised to offer a helping hand and never turn anyone’s request for food down.  Money, I have never had, but food I have always been blessed with a full table.  I am humbled by all of the blessings that I have had bestowed on me throughout my life.  If I am not delivering homemade food to some of my elderly friends, I am cooking for the dogs and cats (many are old and no longer have teeth).  I suppose that is why I still have a 23 year old Maltese that barks and has more good days than bad ones.  LOL

I know that for many the panhandlers, strays, ferals, whatever you want to call them they are eyesores.  To me, it is another life that is no greater and no less than I.  i hope that I will never become so cynical that I would turn away someone in need.  I say this because I have an elderly friend who hoards food because she worries about that day when there will be no one to ask for help.  This saddens me greatly.  As a society, we cannot forget that we are one and the same with some of us a bit more fortunate than others.

Last month there were two important dates that I accidentally overlooked.  One was National Cat Day, and the other was National Feral Cat Day.  They say that feeding ferals does exactly what the ordinance about is trying to stop.  It keeps them on the street.  True, however if they are neutered and returned to the area where they were trapped they actually keep the population down.  Yes, they poop and pee all over our gardens.  There are deterrents which do not harm them that can be made at home for pennies.  Interesting that Moo and Boo would not take up those days.  Oh, it’s just me…I can’t stand either one of them and I had to add that. 

I also know that there are many who lie to get whatever they need at the expense of others.  That is wrong, and eventually there will be a karmic payback on that.  I’ve had my fair share of disappointment when it comes to liars.  Anyhow, I always think of November as that time when the cold wind blows.  Shelter comes first, and food comes next.  I know that those of you who come to the blog are the people who help to sustain the souls of those human or animal critters who have nothing whether it is food, shelter or guidance.  May you always be blessed.

Michael Brown’s mom may face robbery charges: report.

The mother of Michael Brown could be charged with felony armed robbery for allegedly attacking people in a Ferguson, Mo., parking lot because they were selling T-shirts honoring the late teenager.

The Ferguson Police Department is currently investigating claims that Lesley McSpadden brought a group of people — including her own mother — to beat vendors and rob them of their “Justice for Mike Brown” merchandise Oct. 18, The Smoking Gun has learned.

One person was hospitalized in the reported attack and another unidentified alleged victim was reportedly beaten with a pipe.

McSpadden’s former mother-in-law, Pearlie Gordon, was among those beaten by “a large group of about 20-30 subjects” who had “jumped out of vehicles and rushed” the group of sellers, according to the police report.

Gordon, 54, was allegedly knocked to the ground and repeatedly struck in the head. She detailed the brief exchange she had with McSpadden at the time of the attack.

“You can’t sell this s**t,” McSpadden allegedly said, according to the report.

Read the whole thing.  It’s just amazing how the death of their child brings out the worst in the parental unit.

Ebola Aerosol Sneeze.

This should have been printed front page of every major newspaper in this country.

Neal M. Sher and Reed D. Rubinstein, attorneys for over 120 Fort Hood terror attack victims and family members, issued the following statement today, on the fifth anniversary of that attack:

“Five years ago today, the terrorist Nidal Hasan yelled “Allah akbar” and,  wearing the uniform of an U.S. Army major, began slaughtering Americans.   Fourteen innocent people lost their lives and over fifty were injured.  For five years, Hasan has bragged of committing this atrocity in the name of Islam to protect the Taliban. 

Hasan’s victims saw their lives forever changed that terrible day.  But the real tragedy of Fort Hood was that our government could have easily prevented their suffering.   The U.S. Army and FBI had long known that Hasan was a jihadist with al-Qaeda connections and, simply by following their own standard policies and procedures, easily could have stopped him before anyone was hurt. Instead, because of what the Senate Homeland Committee’s investigation called “political correctness,” the government willfully averted its eyes to Hasan’s jihadism.  Hasan should have been arrested. Instead, he was promoted and given other special privileges.

Incredibly, the government’s policies of political correctness and special privileges for Hasan continued even after his killing spree.  

The day after the carnage, on November 6, 2009, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that U.S. authorities “were taking measures to quell anti-Islam sentiments” in the U.S. and that Hasan “does not, obviously, represent the Muslim faith.”  On November 8, 2009, Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey said on the Sunday talk shows that the “real tragedy” of Fort Hood would be damage to “diversity” policies and publicly warned against “guessing at Hasan’s motive,” though the government knew of Hasan’s jihadist motive from the start.   

The special privileges for Hasan also continued.  Pfc. Bradley Manning, who gave Wikileaks documents, was kept naked in an isolation cell and charged with aiding the enemy.  But Hasan, who killed for the Taliban, was not similarly charged or confined.  Instead, he was given uniquely comfortable accommodations and special food; permitted to wear a beard, a privilege denied loyal American soldiers; and allowed to give Al-Jazeera an interview praising anti-American “mujahadeen.”        

Though the government went out of its way to coddle Hasan, it had no kindness for his victims.  First, they were used as props in staged “mourning” ceremonies to benefit political leaders, then they were personally promised assistance by President Obama and top generals, and finally they were shoved down a memory hole.  Hasan’s terrorism became “workplace violence,” meaning that those who survived the charnel house were denied support, benefits and mental health treatment.  In some cases, soldiers were physically and mentally abused for requesting treatment of Fort Hood-related injuries.  

Five years on, the government has done nothing to help the victims of Fort Hood. Congress recently passed bills to force the Department of Defense to at least consider awarding the Fort Hood soldiers the Purple Hearts that they deserve.  But these bills, even if they become law, do nothing to make good the President’s promises to family members that “the government will make you whole.” 

Now, from our new Congress, we call and hope for action.  First, we ask for equity.  Congress should provide similar benefits to the Fort Hood victims as it provided to the 9/11 Pentagon victims.  The government should not be allowed to dodge its culpability. 

Second, we ask Congress hold oversight hearings to investigate and hold accountable the Department of Defense and the White House for their post-attack policies, conduct and abuse.  

Political correctness caused multiple deaths at Fort Hood and mass child abuse in Rotherham, England.  Yet the fundamental evil of political correctness, beyond even the body count, is the damage done to the public’s faith in our leaders.  The officials who call Fort Hood “workplace violence” also say that “ISIS is not Islamic.”  Who can, or should, believe them?  

The victims of Fort Hood have heard many expressions of sympathy and promises of help from the President, the Chief of Staff and powerful Senators. But there has been no aid and no action.  The time for answers, for action and for justice has long passed. 


h/t iotwreport

Not really important that zero is cutting the cretins loose.

Or how they get your info to wreak havoc disguised as someone else.

An anonymous reader writes German newspaper FAZ reports (google translated version) that, after facing false DMCA claims by “FirstCrist, Copyright” and threatened by YouTube with takedown, a youtuber running the German version of Islam-critic Al Hayat TV had to disclose their identity in order to get the channel back online. Later, the channel staff got a mail containing a death threat by “FirstCrist, Copyright”, containing: “thank you for your personal data. [...] take care your house gets police protection!” Employee names are now on Al Qaeda black lists.

What?  No late night koolaid keggers happening Tingles?  The rest of us have known this all along.

“The fact that this President is getting advice from people that say, ‘You’re always right,’ is the problem,” Matthews opined. “He’s got too many sycophants around him telling him, ‘All you have to keep doing is what you’re doing.’”

via Chris Matthews: Obama Surrounded By ‘Sycophants’.

And I am positive that there was no help from this administration is making this happen.   Really, sending former Gov. Richardson from NM?

I feel for Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi’s family.  Unlike Bergdahl, they got the perpetual middle finger from this administration.

Marine veteran out of Mexico jail, home in Florida.



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