Calling someone a bird brain used to be an insult back in the day. This little fella’s redefining the term.

A bird brain that works in wonderful ways.

Rescued and making money now. Pigcasso belongs to Joanne Lefson. She rescued him from the slaughter house. Woot!

Sometimes even the beautiful just can’t make it happen.

At Magnolia Plantation, outside of Charleston, SC, we encountered this love-struck white male peacock trying to interest a female. He even throws in a 360-spin move at the end, but to no avail….

Mike Luckey

Raheema Jalal, a high school principal who founded the Camel Library project with her sister, a federal minister, says she started the library last August because she wanted children around her remote hometown to continue learning despite schools being closed.

There is never a need to stop learning. Proof positive…meet Roshan.

He is not the only traveling library. Kenya has its own traveling library.

Really? Dentures of all things?

Marijuana? Where did he get the idea to take the stuff to the police?

Milk from the morning sermon?