We should all be as happy as Herbee!.  His older bestie was an instagram sensation.  Sadly, Mr. Pokee passed away earlier this year.  No worries, Herbee is still here to fill our days with smiles thanks to his owner Talitha Girnus.  Apparently, he travels the world with his owner who also photographed and documented Mr. Pokee on Instagram.

‘Amazing people from all over the world are inspired to follow our adventures especially because they love our message: Between all the serious things happening in the world ever day, Pokee and now also Herbee are here to give them a reason to smile and stay positive. 

‘Whenever people return to our page, we want to remind them to never lose faith, because the world is full of magic and not a bad place after all.’

Happiness and joy…


This is one happy petfluencer for sure.


BFFs forever should stay together.  I love happy endings to not so great beginnings.  So begins the story of Hemmingway and Waffles at the Bucks County SPCA.

Waffles is the mini horse.  Hemmingway is the goose.  They go together, two peas in a pod.  Both BFFs to each other had to be adopted together.

And they are rehomed in a forever home now!  Yay!

and let him inside.   Gotta give the guy credit where credit is due…he tried.


if my owner offered me an ice cube as a treat.  LOL


17 rescues all in a day’s work.

The group photos look so tame that followers often ask whether they’ve been edited to portray all the pups obediently seated.

“Whenever we posted family pictures people never believe how we managed to do it,” Chris tells Caters News at a recent 17-dog-only portrait shoot.

But the Hugheses admit it takes a lot more than “cheese” to get this furry family to sit still for a photo. To prove it, they uploaded a video of themselves trying to wrangle their big brood. (Cue “The Benny Hill Show” theme song.)

Never forget the elderly when it comes to rehoming them.

The Hughes family likes to take portraits regularly, especially for the holidays.

“We will do a Father’s and Mother’s Day picture and then a big holiday picture,” says Chris. “They have become pretty accustomed to the pictures and know that they get treats after so [it’s] pretty easy now.”

Their rescue organization was founded in 2011 with a mission to save senior shelter dogs all over the country — dedicated to the eponymous late Mr. Moses.

“We don’t want anybody to forget about him,” says Chris of their late rescue dog, in a video on their nonprofit’s website. “The Mr. Mo Project was put in place to help other senior dogs just like him who might now have the chance to get into another home. We want to give them that chance.”

The Mr. Mo Project Facebook page has over 17,000 followers.  A separate page for their dog Gremlin “the therapy dog” boasts nearly 240,000 followers on the social-media site.


Work makes me nuts sometimes.   A nice break while I’m on placed on hold is the Kitten Rescue Live Cam.

Sometimes, you just have to give in and take a break.

I can totally relate to Wilbur.  He’s a boxer bulldog mix that loves sunbathing.  He digs his space and soaks up the rays.