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Humberto Fontova did a little translating,“Cubans migrants to Mexico are arrested, beaten, extorted, deported by the Mexican gov. in collusion with Castro! Where’s your indignation Mr Jorge Ramos (a Mexican citizen!)”

* “You claim to be a journalist not a politician. But Trump threw you out only because you were out of line. Your behavior was shameful.* “Every week thousands of Cubans migrants to Mexico are arrested, beaten, extorted and swindled by the Mexican gov. in collusion with the Castro tyranny! But I’ve never heard you utter a peep against the Mexican government over this, Mr Jorge Ramos! And you claim to be a proud and vocal Mexican citizen, Mr Jorge Ramos!”

* Why not come to Mexico and try telling President Pena Nieto that deporting Cubans to Castro means they’ll live in a prison. Why not practice what you preach, Mr Ramos?!

* You denounce the U.S.–a country that opened its doors to you, yourself, sir–but you refuse to utter a peep against your native Mexico, that deports Cubans not because they’re delinquents–but as a matter of policy.”

* I’m speaking to you as someone who was jailed for 49 days in a Mexican prison for migrants and freed only after a hunger strike where I almost died.”

* “Next time you attend a Trump press conference you might ask permission to speak, and wait your turn like all the others. And since you seem to like to talk without permission come to Mexico and try that stunt!”

If Ramos wants to report on crisis at the border, let him travel to the Colombia-Venezuela border.

Jorge is a politician’s dream.

Typical Jorge…his right to interrupt and cut in line.  (I always hated line cutters.)

Opportunity to fix his bad behavior, but instead Jorge keeps going bananas.

If only Jorge would be as disruptive with teh won when he interviewed slobbered all over himself.

Finally, someone put Jorge in his place.

A few hours before the event, Ramos had posted a link to some of his Trump commentary on Facebook, saying, “When you call 11 million people in this country ‘illegals’ — and no human being is ‘illegal’ — is that not spreading hate?”

Jorge, if you love Mexico as much as I think you do…why don’t you go back and fix it?  Do the truthful broadcasts about how the cartels took over your beloved Cd. Juarez because your government is in bed with them.  Jorge, Mexico needs you!

Inquiring minds want to know…

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is running against some—but not all—billionaires. On Saturday, at a campaign appearance in South Carolina, he singled out the Koch brothers as “greedy.” But Roger Morgan, the author of a book on hedge fund operator and billionaire George Soros, wonders how greedy Soros has been, and whether the media will bother to take a look. He notes that the hedge fund operator’s net worth rose from about $9 billion before President Obama took office to over $24 billion today.

Soros is evil, just don’t say it too loud because the far left doesn’t want to hear it.  Who said Barry wasn’t his biyatch?

Not racist black…really bad market day.  It isn’t as if there was no fair warning either.

China is spiraling.

But Beijing appears to have decided that it is too expensive to prop up the equity market, especially as it is now intervening separately on a massive scale to stop its currency from devaluing further.

What about us?

Let’s cut the crap here folks — what has actually powered the rise since 2009?  Was it really an improving economy?  If it was, why is The Fed still at zero interest rates eight years after 2007 — and six years after the 2009 bottom?

Barter anyone?  Looks like Greece is already well on its way to that system.

Followed the link from American Oligarchy to the report.

What is most incredible to me is that the data under scrutiny in the study was from 1981-2002. One can only imagine how much worse things have gotten since the 2008 financial crisis. The study found that even when 80% of the population favored a particular public policy change, it was only instituted 43% of the time. We saw this first hand with the bankster bailout in 2008, when Americans across the board were opposed to it, but Congress passed TARP anyway (although they had to vote twice).

Even more importantly, several years of supposed “economic recovery” has not changed the public’s perception of the bankster bailouts. For example, a 2012 study showed that only 23% percent of Americans favored the bank bailouts and the disgust was completely bipartisan, as the Huffington Post points out. 

Personally, I think the banker bailouts will go down as one of the most significant turning points in American history. Despite widespread disapproval, Congress passed TARP and it was at that moment that many Americans “woke up” to the fact they are nothing more than economic slaves with no voice. That they are serfs. Even more importantly, once oligarchs saw what they could get away with they kept doubling down and doubling down until we find ourselves in the precarious position we are in today. A society filled with angst and resentment at the fact that the 0.01% have stolen everything.

Perhaps this is why the citizen is fed up?

I know it is not nice to laugh, but I think this is hilarious.

Samples from 30 states, including Texas, found a gene mutation in lice that turns it into a superbug and resistant to over-the-counter chemicals.

If that’s not bad enough, there is also a new way adults and teens are getting it: selfies.

Lice used to be a childhood problem eventually outgrown, like when youngsters bumped heads as they played together in tight quarters.

Now, as adults and teenagers almost constantly put their heads together while taking selfies, they’re unknowingly giving lice a new host on which to feed.

Loren Hickman works at Hair Fairies in Dallas, which specializes in lice removal. She says it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly where someone gets lice.

However, Hickman says she’s seen an uptick in the number of teens with lice who don’t have siblings.

“They’re holding the phone up, putting their head close to their friend,” said Hickman. “It only takes a second.”

Heads up parental units…school’s startin’ in a few weeks.

Black Lives Matter instigator is white.

A key figure in the Black Lives Matter movement who claimed he was the victim of a horrific hate crime in his youth as a result his race has been outed as white.

Shaun King, an author and writer who is one of the leading voices speaking out against police brutality on social media, has claimed he is mixed.

King has claimed in past interviews that his father is black and his mother is white and of Irish descent, but his birth certificate lists his parents as both white.

In addition, King’s race is listed as white in the police report of the aforementioned attack that occurred while he was in high school.

King also applied for and then accepted an Oprah scholarship to Morehouse College, which are only given to black men.

I think this man is what many name callers refer to as a “cracker”.  What’s wrong with these idiots?  Stop defining yourselves by imagining to be a person of color.  You are what your actions define you as…a dumbutt.


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