I didn’t forget, but I did set the post to open at the wrong time.  LOL That actually means that I am physically spent. I usually make something (nothing special) for those that are elderly or are disabled and cannot move easily. I also give my ark filled home of castaway animals a special Thanksgiving Day (that means grooming). Now, you know why I’m completely spent.

The day means more to me than sitting down at a family dinner. It means that I have what so many others do not. It is incomprehensible that this day will lead to unhappiness for some, but not for me. I’m thrilled to have another day on Earth and share it with others. May you walk through this day in peace and harmony.

Update:  HHS says it’s an obligation to bail the insurance companies out.  Sound familiar…”too big to fail.”


UnitedHealth Group, the largest insurance company in the U.S., on Thursday slashed its earnings outlook, citing new problems related to Obamacare, and told investors it may exit the program’s exchanges.


The release added that, “UnitedHealthcare has pulled back on its marketing efforts for individual exchange products in 2016. The company is evaluating the viability of the insurance exchange product segment and will determine during the first half of 2016 to what extent it can continue to serve the public exchange markets in 2017.”

That’s correct…insurance companies exist to make money for stockholders.  Barry promised a lot of stuff, but it doesn’t look like it is gonna be a possibility to keep spreading everyone’s wealth in order to insure everyone.  People are angry…their plans may not have pre existing issues used for denials, but they are offering less to makeup for that.   Nothing is free in life except the air that you breathe.

Insurers have had trouble signing up young and healthy individuals on the Obamacare exchanges, which is necessary to offset the costs of covering older and sicker enrollees. This has forced insurers to hike premiums, raise deductibles, and slash the number of doctors and hospitals offered on its plans. Meanwhile, the Obama administration has cut its enrollment expectations for 2016 to about half of what they were when the the legislation became law.

The year 2017 is significant for insurers, because that’s the year when several programs designed to mitigate risk for insurers through federal backstops go away. The hope was that those programs would act as training wheels for Obamacare in its first few years of implementation, but after that, the insurers were supposed to be able to thrive on their own. UnitedHealth’s statement suggests otherwise.


Those who think their current health insurance plans are too expensive should brace themselves for 2016, at least based on the recent predictions of one healthcare executive. Health insurance companies are likely to demand even more money in the coming year from people seeking to buy healthcare, Kim Holland, the director for state affairs for Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, warned earlier this week at a health insurance conference, Bloomberg’s Bureau of National Affairs reported Thursday.

“You cannot have every doctor in your network, very low copays, broad benefits and lower costs. It just can’t work that way,” Holland said, calling such demands, including for insurance companies to charge lower premiums or monthly fees that people pay for to have insurance coverage, “unrealistic.”



Update: The cancer is growing in leaps and bounds. Check and see if they are coming to a place near you. Oh, and you are going to pay for it.


ISIS – Paris multiple hits, a bloodbath…over a hundred casualties.  Prezzy dumbass gets it wrong again.

Shame on these snowflakes, look at what Otto has accomplished and it was no small feat.  How much microagression did he tolerate?  Just look at him, there is so much that can be said to “snub” him.  Did it ruin his life?

Here’s a thought snowflakes:  the world could care less about your pathetic feelings.  The world is large and you might have a safe space now, but that isn’t the real world.  PC means nothing except that you need to be coddled.  The world is not your parental units.  Someday you will figure out that life is too short and your whining speaks volumes about one very important aspect of life…you need to grow up.  I’m not sure, but did you not get that memo early on about life not being fair?   Who raised you?  Alert the press, you weren’t the only “special” snowflake created?  As for poser teachers like this one, well let’s say that they are making lots of money when it comes to your “special” feelings.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 4.41.51 PM

Dr. Matias is an assistant Professor at the University of Colorado at Denver. Her article, Why do you make me hate myself?: Re-Teaching Whiteness, Abuse, and Love in Urban Teacher Education, was published in Teaching Education this year.

In her article, Matias writes that teachers must address “normalized, oppressive Whiteness,” saying that a “colorblind” society cannot truly exist in the United States. “Despite silently acknowledging that race plays a role in” achievement gaps, writes Matias, “the study of race, racism, and exertions of Whiteness are rarely recognized as a substantive issue in teacher education and the teaching profession.”

Racism and whiteness are diseases that need to be addressed, she continues, writing, “We cannot even begin to address symptoms, such as the racial achievement gap, if we do not address the underlying diseases of racism and Whiteness.”

There isn’t even an argument that white supremacy exists, Matias writes, saying she won’t even bother to prove the concept during her paper.

“This article acknowledges White supremacy as an overarching system of white Western racial domination, which manifests globally,” she explains. “We are all operating under the system of white supremacy.”

Teachers must examine their own “whiteness,” Dr. Matias argues. “As the only person of color in the room,” she explains, “I am often left with the pain of being denied a racial reality. Thus, the cycle of abuse is a pyrrhic victory, one where the pain and tears of whites override my own pain.”

Indeed, she writes, “DiAngelo (2011) argued that white fragility plays an essential role in the maintenance of Whiteness and when unfettered, the consequences can be dire.”

Education has been biased in favor of “whites,” Dr. Matias goes on. “Teacher education – replete with a majority of white stakeholders who write the curricula, program frameworks, assessments, and standards – has permitted Whiteness to become a white enterprise.

“Worse yet, some white teachers and teacher educators co-opt and redefine theories first conceptualized by scholars of color who were resisting the hegemonic oppression of Whiteness,” she continues. “In using their white ocular to filter out the most radical parts of these theories to fit within white color-blind comforts,the essence of their conception is lost.”

In the end, “Once teacher education understands how and why whites have become culturally white, it can engage in a deeper conversation of race and racism, move beyond guilt, anger, and denial needed to become whole-heartedly antiracist.”

Honestly, I was left speechless at the thought that she and many others subscribing to this caca are paid a salary.  She didn’t start the movement.  She is only following the movement.

As I read more and more about this dysfunctional chapter in your sensitive lives today, I am reminded of how English was my first language.  I was the only non English speaker in the entire grade school.  I didn’t even have the luxury of kindergarten,  but I seemed to manage fairly well because I didn’t know the word victim.  When I taught at the college level, I was ashamed to hear so many of my teachers (yes, I taught teachers who were already in the classroom earning salaries) heralding the soon to be triumphant bilingual educational achievements of their students.  Years later, the same teachers would tell me what a miserable failure that was.  The kids were masters of neither language.  In other words, a very bad experiment lost many.   What a shame because the SAT and the ACT are executed in English.

Who lost?  I can tell you who won…my friends’ bank accounts who wrote bilingual books that they sold to the school districts perpetuating the falsehood.  We all the bleed the same.  I think this might be a shocker to all of the “special” snowflakes who are legends in their own minds.  Stop the whining and move on, life will go on with or without you and your hurt feelings.

Is the flow to Europe sustainable?  Hit the link and look at the map.  Your guess is as good as mine.

It’s an important topic for an adult let alone a 13 year old.  I remember the age of 13.  Yes, before the cretaceous period of life.  Middle school was tough, but the teachers were sincere in encouraging and guiding the thought process..  Today, the average 13 year old in my neighborhood is deep in thought over that new iPhone.  Faith just doesn’t seem to be a priority so what was this teacher trying to accomplish?  Leave the kiddos alone.

A young Texas girl is being praised for her courage and unyielding faith after she stood up against her teacher who kept insisting that God doesn’t exist.

Jordan Wooley, a seventh grader at West Memorial Junior High in Katy, calmly testified at a school district hearing Tuesday after a bizarre reading assignment asked the class to say God wasn’t real and left several students in tears.

“Today I was given an assignment in school that questioned my faith and told me that God was not real,” she says at the podium, addressing eight members of the panel. “We were asked to take a poll to say whether God is fact, opinion or a myth.”

The assignment laid out several statements, including “There is a God,” and prompted students to weed out the facts from the opinions.

Youngsters who said the statement was a fact or opinion were flat out told they were “wrong,” Jordan said.

“When kids would argue, she told them that we would get in trouble,” the little girl said during her 5-minute testimony. “When I tried to argue, she told me to prove it.”

Jordan cited the Bible and stories about people coming back from Heaven. Her teacher slammed both, saying they were just “things that people were doing to get attention.”

Those who wouldn’t be swayed on their beliefs turned in their assignments, saying it was a fact that God exists.

Their answers were crossed out several times, Jordan said.

“I know that it wasn’t just me who was affected by it. My friend — she went home and she started crying,” Jordan said. “She was actually supposed to come with me (to testify) but she didn’t think she could.”

Several members of the Katy Independent School District called the girl courageous for giving her side of the story.

“Very brave of you,” one said. “Good job.”

Video of her testimony has been viewed nearly 200,000 times on Facebook, where it was captioned, “Bravery!”

The school district said the assignment was “ill-conceived” and “not intended” to challenge religious beliefs in an apology it issued Tuesday.

I honestly don’t think this is the teacher’s fault.  She has to follow “ill conceived” curriculum.  Been there and done that, but it is much easier to burn at the stake than admit that you have a faulty curriculum.

“The principal determined that the classroom activity included an item that was unnecessary for achieving the instructional standard,” district officials said.

“The teacher is distraught by this incident, as some commentary has gone as far as to vilify her without knowing her, her Christian faith, or the context of the classroom activity.”

The ungraded activity was meant to spark critical thinking and dialogue, but “its intent had been misconstrued,” the statement said.

It’s unclear if the teacher was disciplined.

The school district only said “appropriate personnel action will be taken.”

I interpret that as get the stake ready, we’re gonna have a teacher roast.

More ridiculous PC push.  Awards for breathing and now we must have recess coaches funded by the taxpayer.  $425,000 was spent on this poo…

You might call me the world’s worst mom. I mean parent. (Human companion to a growth-challenged being?) I’ll try to watch those gender-conforming terms.

Forget it.

If my daughter earns an A on her report card — yes, she attends a private high school that challenges her self-esteem with letter grades — I do something that self-appointed child-rearing gurus have declared unthinkable. I tell her she’s “smart.”

And if my sweet little miss (is the gender-neutral term “child” ageist?) makes me proud by killing it in a school project, I tell her something verboten by the educational ninnies who’ve declared these words off-limits — “Good job!”

But I really fall down on the schoolyard, a minefield of booby traps waiting to deprive my kid (yeah, I know she’s not a baby goat) of her all-important sense of security and self-worth.

If she falls and skins her knee, so what? Shake it off and try again, I tell her. If she doesn’t get picked for a sports team, I don’t holler or threaten to sue.

And, unlike today’s helicopter parents — one of whom allegedly has gone so far as to physically assault a coach who, he whined, terrorized his university-age progeny by expecting him to compete (Diddy, anyone?) — I refuse to smother the spark out of my girl. So when I learned that the city has spent $425,000 of taxpayer money to hire “recess coaches” to teach schoolchildren to play nice — effectively bullying them into believing that winning is for losers — my blood pressure spiked.

What are they smoking in the city’s Department of Education?

The department scrounged through the dregs of educational lunacy and, in 2011, hired an outfit from — where else? — California, which goes by the name Playworks, a contradiction in terms. Its main goal, it seems, is to prove to children that they’ve been doing recess all wrong for an eternity.

“We’re not teaching them how to play — we’re teaching them how to play respectfully,” Playworks New York’s program manager, Tashan Kilkenny, 25, known by kids as “Coach K,” told The Post.

Here are some rules of the playground, according to Playworks: No children, under any circumstances, are to be declared “out.” They are merely “unsuccessful.’’

In a game of tag, a child need not suffer the physical and psychological indignities of being actually tagged. The kid is gently tickled on the shoulder. (I see sexual-abuse lawsuits coming!)

Schoolyard conflicts aren’t solved with fistfights, cursing or tattling to coaches, but with rounds of “rock, paper, scissors.’’

Playworks’ recess coaches now work full-time in five elementary schools in fashionable neighborhoods of Manhattan and Brooklyn. In a pilot program launched last month, four elementary schools in The Bronx and Brooklyn are to share a single recess coach.

I need to lie down.

I must really stink at this parent thing. Years before recess coaches started infesting city schools, Columbia University psychology professor Carol Dweck (now at Stanford) and her team came to a kid-shattering conclusion. The nutty professor found that telling kids that they’re “smart” makes them more likely to rely on their brains and discourages them from making efforts to perform in class. That finding has gone virtually unchallenged by lazy educational weenies for nearly two decades.

Further research has concluded (how can I get paid for performing stupid studies?) that parents who lavish kids with praise — such as “Good job!” — can turn them into insecure praise junkies, utterly dependent on adults’ approval.

I want my daughter to run, jump and fall without fear of having her shoulder tickled. I reserve the right to call her “smart.” And when she makes a complex Latin assignment look like child’s play, or scores like a winner in a game of field hockey, you’d better believe I ignore the plight of her unsuccessful peers and yell, “Good job!” (Or, “Try again next time,” if she fails.)

Who dreams this crap up?


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