UPDATE:  Now the Barney Frank portion has been scrubbed from the skit as well.

Apparently you can smear Bush and Palin all you like, but when you properly nail Barney Frank on blocking crucial regulation, that’s “unfair” as far as NBC goes.

New NOT improved bailout skit.  Labeling Herb Sandler and his wife Marion, the real-life former owners of Oakland’s Golden West Financial (aka World Savings), as “people who should be shot.”   No charges have been brought against them.  They never contacted SNL however, they did give a nasty interview them.  They had their underwear in a knot because the original portrays them

…as “people who should be shot” and accused them of predatory lending that brough.t down Wachovia Bank even though no charges have been filed. NBC told me just now they never received any legal threat from the Sandlers. [Though the couple did give an angry interview to The Associated Press about the SNL sketch.]

Instead, the network claimed: “Upon review, we caught certain elements in the sketch that didn’t meet our standards. We took it down and made some minor changes and it will be back online soon.” Specifically, NBC said it has edited out the chyron on-screen text, “People who should be shot” that appeared beneath the Sandler’ lookalikes, as well as the “allegations of corruption” made against the couple. http://www.deadlinehollywooddaily.com/mystery-of-missing-snl-bailout-skit-explained-nbccom-took-it-down-for-legal-reasons-will-put-back-up-edited-version-today/

Wah!!!  I am crying…NOT.

Then there are the questions on the message boards that refer to the skit.  The parody was legitimate. You don’t see GWB, Pelosi or Frank whining.

Marion, Herb and George  have had the liberal light shone upon them.  Uh oh!

Supposedly, NBC.com has been deleting questions about the skit from message boards.) Because the network didn’t, today’s action may or may not silence critics like conservative commentator Michelle Malkin who praised the skit as “hilarious, dead-on, and surprisingly honest” only to express outrage when it was taken down online.

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