More UPDATE 102908  There was far more snooping than originally thought.

She admits it was more snooping than she had originally talked about.

Helen Jones-Kelley, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, disclosed today that computer inquiries on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher were not restricted to a child-support system.

This woman is a lawyer.  Can someone be disbarred for this in Ohio?  Perhaps, I am jumping to a conclusion because her name does not show a state in which she is licensed.  Hmm, did she fail the bar exam???  Maybe snooping is more her calling.

UPDATE via Michelle:

Julie McConnell, has been charged with Gross Misconduct for allegedly making an improper inquiry into a state database in search of information pertaining to Samuel Wurzelbacher on Oct. 16.

The clerk is under fire for making the inquiry for a non-law enforcement purpose.

McConnell was hired by the Toledo Police Department in April 1995 and assigned to the Investigative Services Bureau.

Maggie Thurber wants to know: Who was McConnell digging up the information for?  Media??

In a separate inquiry, Ms. Helen Jones-Kelley states that she partakes in benign voyeurism: Helen Jones-Kelley, peruses  through the records of anyone who challenges Barack Obama…Ohio residents be warned:  You’re being WATCHED at her discretion. Cuz you know, she IS an Obama maximum backer.

You’re at ease to do this because anyone who comes into the limelight SHOULD have a public colonoscopy?   Ohio needs help fast.  This is a free public service?   Does your government job description read busy body, gossip minding, JERK?  You, should be FIRED!

DAYTON — Some say Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is an exception to a stereotype about black male success.

But Parity Inc. co-chairwoman Helen Jones-Kelly said the senator from Illinois is just one example of a strong African American male leader.

“We have outstanding African American men – men of color – throughout this country,” she said.

Parity Inc., an organization dedicated to fostering racial equality, hosted the 17th annual program at Sinclair Community College’s David H. Ponitz Center.

She is a nasty one.  She began investigating (NOT HER JOB) Joe the Plumber immediately after the 3rd debate under the guise of “child support search.”

Ohio’s inspector general is investigating why a state agency director approved checking the state child-support computer system for information on “Joe the Plumber.”

Helen Jones-Kelly, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, confirmed today that she OK’d the check on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher following the Oct. 15 presidential debate.

She said there were no political reasons for the check on the sudden presidential campaign fixture though the Support Enforcement Tracking System.

No political reasons?  You are one sick human.

Amid questions from the media and others about “Joe the Plumber,” Jones-Kelley said she approved a check to determine if he was current on any ordered child-support payments.

Such information was not and cannot be publicly shared, she said. It is unclear if Wurzelbacher is involved in a child-support case. Reports state that he lives alone with a 13-year-old son.

“Our practice is when someone is thrust quickly into the public spotlight, we often take a look” at them, Jones-Kelley said, citing a case where a lottery winner was found to owe past-due child support. “Our practice is to basically look at what is coming our way.”

Lottery winners do not have certain details of their lives placed front and center of a country for political purposes.  How does this woman sleep at night?

Ohio Inspector General Thomas P. Charles confirmed today that he is investigating the incident to determine if “Joe”s” records were legally accessed by Job and Family Services employees.

The use of a state computer system to search for information on Wurzelbacher is the fourth uncovered by The Dispatch.

Democrat Gov. Ted Strickland [who appointed Jones-Kelly this past January] is satisfied that there are no political overtures to the check on Wurzelbacher, a spokesman said.

Big surprise, NOT!  Especially when you are violating someone’s privacy under these pretenses.

Illegalities.  Illegal as hell — if you are a Republican.