Ever heard kids moan about creepy crawlies in the house?  Ever heard them be concerned about a snake?  Ever thought the honour of a python’s presence  might be bestowed upon your domestic confines?

Well wonder no more.

WMTW8 ABC in Portland, Maine brings us the true tale of a Gorham woman’s encounter with an 8 foot snake seeking refuge in her washing machine.

  • Route of entrance: pipes up the 1800’s farmhouse.
  • Reason:  probably thirsty.
  • Suggestion: stay calm and call professionals.
  • Lesson gleaned: look before placing carefree hands or body parts in moisture laden spaces.
  • Encourage snake owners to provide loving and supportive homes to their snake pets, so they don’t end up in your home, or the local animal sanctuary.

See for yourself here.

Hat tip, Quipster.