Update 2…Sheyla had to ditch the implants due to infection.

The world has come to know her well. Sheyla Hershey is known for her striking smile and her large M cup breast implants. She has tried to save them for the past three months, but that fight has come to an end. Hershey had to have her implants removed, along with most of her own breast tissue.Hershey tells FOX 26 News her surgeon realized in surgery that most of her tissue was too damaged to save. She says her surgeon tried to save just enough tissue to attempt reconstructive surgery within three or four months.

Hershey has been suffering from severe infections after trying to achieve fame for having the largest breasts in the world. She underwent surgery in Richmond, Texas to have them removed; she has been running a high fever and cannot seem to fight off infections.

Hershey recently met with FOX 26 News during one of her doctor visits. Two specialists have been closely monitoring Hershey the past few months: an infectious disease expert and a cosmetic surgeon. When they first started treating Hershey, infectious disease expert Dr. Shazia Gill says, “She was definitely very critical.”

Hershey’s most recent breast implant surgery took place in Brazil in June 2010. She quickly became very sick with staph and strep infections that have been threatening not only her breasts, but her life.

PDATE  Yup, she has the biggest boobs in America.

Sheyla Hershey currently owns the world’s largest breasts.  Yes, you can honestly say, the girl has gone wild.


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