UPDATE:  He was joking!

Is this guy human?

YouTube managed to remove the clip which was horrifying. The clip was from an ABC televised show called Wife Swap.  It was so awful that someone launched stephenfowlersucks.com.

There are no words to describe the cretin that Stephen Fowler is. Stephen Fowler, managed to offend so many people in such a short time that he has now become an internet sensation.

Best articulation of how this man disgraced himself is to be found as a comment.

Sadly, Mr. Fowler’s behavior disappointed so many viewers who were hoping to view a program where humans learn a bit about themselves and each other.

After the episode aired, many were left seething.  The question, then became . . . who DIDN’T he offend during the 40 minute program?

Unfortunately, many on the internet did not take kindly to the British ex-pat and tore into him rabidly.  They published his home address, his resume, all means of communication, etc.

His spouse offers an apology?

Commentary is incredible on every site that has this man’s name on it.  The comments below were the nice ones.

What makes a man “unclean” is what comes out of his heart. No amount of “advanced degrees” or “sophisticated thinking” can overcome the scum that is on the inside.

You can’t hide what is on the inside by wearing t-shirts expressing your contempt for more than half of America, you dolt.

I bet Stephen and Renee poop roses.

If there is a urologist reading this, please do the world a favor and offer Mr. Fowler a complimentary vasectomy.

Man I would hate Americans too, they just saved his British ass from being part of the United Countries of Germany! If it wasn’t for the bad Americans he would have been the he bitch to Hitler.

Whenever he refers to people in middle America he calls them “those idiot bumpkin Bible beaters!” Is it no surprise that when Obama made his “clinging to guns and religion” gaffe, it was to a crowd in San Francisco. The only difference between him and I imagine thousand of others from his city, like my brother, is that he said it publicly….but rest assure there are thousands if not millions of elitist on the left who for all their lip-service to tolerance are the most narrow-minded bigots on the planet.

It only gets worse.


If you’re pressed for time, stick with the following: (a) In Part Two, the exchange in the garden starting at around 6:30; (b) in Part Three, the very beginning and, especially, the “rules” segment starting at 2:10; and (c) in Part Four, the beginning where he calls her a “dumb redneck”, then at 1:45 where he makes his kids give her the silent treatment and, at 3:45, the piece de resistance — an attack on the U.S. military as the province of lower-class slackjaws. Distill the essence of what conservatives love about Sarah Palin and imagine the precise opposite of that and you end up with this turd. Painfully obvious exit question: Why didn’t Gayla’s husband beat his sorry ass when they finally met in Part Five?

continue to see the entire Stephen Fowleresque show.


THIS vile pig of a man, Stephen Fowler, is why we aren’t comfortable with the Democratic Party right now, because it’s been taken over by people like this — the Obama Kool-Aid Gang is comprised mainly of men like Fowler (though, admittedly, they skew much, much younger than 40-something Fowler). THIS is what the Democratic Party has become, and it is not who we are, and not who we want to be associated with.

We know we aren’t alone in this.

Welcome to The Golden Age of Obama!

h/t StephenFowlerSucks.com for the links

Stephen Fowler tells Gayla that she speaks “redneck”

I am guessing we are not looking at advanced degrees here

I force him to do it if he doesn’t want to

The entire show:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5