Is that a mojito? Che & mojito = ?

Head of AIG Financial Products (Gerry Pasciucco), found his way to a small Cuban themed party held in New London CT wearing a Che Tee.

Given how AIGFP helped bring global capitalism to its knees, the choice of t-shirt might suggest a role for internal subversion few have yet considered. But it is important to note that AIG CEO Edward Liddy brought Pascuicco in last November, after the collapse, “with instructions to wind down the unit.” So it seems that Pascuicco’s role has been to sort through the rubble rather than build the bomb.

There’s an issue I’ve been meaning to raise with AIGFP that may be relevant to various of the questions we’ve been discussing today. First, it’s located in London. What that means for what law governs the different questions about the bonuses? I’m not sure. Second, as the Times notes, this is a derivatives trading shop located in London. How many of the people working there are US citizens? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s a global economy. It’s a company (a division of AIG) operating in the UK. But I suspect it may play some role in the resistance to identifying who the bonees are.