Sacred white and black buffalo in danger | Indian Country Today | National & World News.

At the Woodland Zoo in Farmington, a refuge for abused and mistreated animals, owners Jill and Sonny Herring, can no longer afford to stay in business. Two sacred animals born under miraculous circumstances, a white and black buffalo, are in jeopardy of being sold to the highest bidder. Two potential bids are coming from commercial enterprises that may exploit the sacred animals.


Michael “Hawk” Goodfire, Shawnee and Holikachuk, has been with the buffalo since their births and has lived on the same property with them since 2008. “Through visions that were given, taken into ceremony and interpreted by recognized spiritual leaders, I was asked to be here with these two. To watch over them and ensure they are kept sacred.”

“Just having a white buffalo is one in 10 million,” Goodfire said. “But if you add in the fact that this buffalo was born in five months, immediately after the other black male, the odds are impossible.”

Beautiful, just stunning.