‘No colors allowed’ causes controversy – CharlotteObserver.com.

“At first looking at it I was offended, and then after that I got kind of angry,” said Jane.

A few days ago Jane, who is of Asian descent, and some girlfriends headed to the bar for a drink and the sign stopped her in her tracks.

“Whether you are white, black, Asian, Hispanic — it doesn’t matter what race you are, just reading that sign you should be offended by it,” Jane said.

But does the sign mean what it says or is it saying something else?

This is an easy one if you understand what “colors” means.  It is a biker gang definition.  The bar owner doesn’t want any trouble.  Such an easy explanation except for those that want to see offense.  Even the NAACP accepted the bar owner’s explanation of the sign.  I rode a motorcycle a bizillion years ago, and even  I know what “colors” means.  Get with the program Jane!

H/T fieldnegro