Van Jones Resigns

Using words against me that I said is a smear campaign. Huh?

Valerie Jarrett approved this choice.  Did she think this would fly just because the MSM has not done it’s job when it comes to vetting Dear Leaders czars?

August 12, 2009 Val on Van


Van Jones, the White House Special Advisor for Green Jobs, has come under withering fire this week from conservatives for past controversial statements and positions that are too numerous to detail at this point. If you aren’t up to date on this, Gateway Pundit has all the details and deserves a special mention for breaking key elements of this story. And Ace (updated link) is in superior form taking on another “conservative” blogger who has bizarrely staked out a position defending Jones.

Then there is the narrated cd by Mumia Abu Jamal, a Black Panther Party activist who is on death row for murdering a Philadelphia police officer in 1981 that Jones produced.

One of the controversies over Jones this week has been his prior statements and activity in support of Jamal.

As Ace said, next should be FCC appointee, Mark Lloyd aka Mr. Chief Diversity Officer.  He lurves him his Venezuela dictator, Hugo Chavez cuz he is cool with the media.

OMG, Van Jones never filled out the all important questionaire? Are you kidding me Team O?  That is how you are going to get out of this mess?

Krauthammer has it right on the money.  Van Jones is a reflection of the “boss.”