“After writing this article, one of our readers and friend was successful in getting the FBI to listen to us. It was the Los Angeles office who has their Cyber Division checking it out. As of now, there is an active FBI investigation into this matter. After Jacksonville and Washington DC blowing us off, it seems as though LA is the location in the FBI for cyber crimes. They ran this through their linguistics and found that the language was not Urdu, like our translation script told us. In fact, it’s a very esoteric form of Arabic and it is Pakistani. We were told that the words are locations, but that the locations don’t match. The FBI assured us that they will get to the bottom of this matter and they are working on it as we speak.

Islamic Messages Encoded In Google Maps.


Some people have discovered Islamic words and phrases encoded inside Google maps. For some strange reason someone has put Islamic words within the zoom of Google maps. Even stranger, some are found in very rural areas of America.

For example, one section of words is in the most redneck part of Florida. It has an Islamic phrase encoded inside the zoom over a section of the woods. It is encoded because if you view it you can’t  see it. You have to be at a particular level of the zoom to see it. If you zoom in, instead of it getting bigger, the word(s) disappears. If you’re too high on the zoom, you can’t see it at all.

After further investigation, we discovered not only is it Islamic, but it is actually the language “Urdu,” which is one of two languages used by Sunnis in Pakistan. Now why would there be Urdu words that are indigenous to Pakistan inside Google maps of America?

I tried it using KB’s comment.

That’s simple, Shawn. Look southwest of Lake City. You can search maps.google.com for Lake City, FL. It’s to the left (west) of I-75. It’s over a patch of woods near the intersection of County Road 240 and 47. At the right zoom level, you’ll see it plain as day.