Mexico’s Drug War – Stories, Photos, Videos – Mexico Under Siege.  Ya’ think?  This list documents the beginning of this year to present.  22,700 drug war related deaths since 2007.

Mexico cartel kills four in car bombing
An already terrorized Mexico reacts with dismay to traffickers’ latest bloody tactic. Officials say the attack near a federal police headquarters was planned to lure police and emergency workers to the explosives-laden vehicle.

Mexico takes different tack on Juarez violence
A shift from military to police control is part of a broadened strategy aimed at curbing violence that has killed more than 5,000 people in Ciudad Juarez since 2008. So far, the results are mixed.

Drug gang hit man narrates assassination of prosecutor in Mexico
In an unusually frank and chilling video confession, a drug gang sicario, or hit man, in Ciudad Juarez narrates his participation in the June 30 assassination of a top official (link in Spanish)

Suspicions of drug ties don’t hurt candidates

Front-runners in two races in Sinaloa state and Ciudad Juarez brush off questions, and voters seem to care only about what services they’ll provide.

Suspect held in U.S. consulate worker’s killing in Ciudad Juarez
Police say Jesus Ernesto Chavez told them that Lesley A. Enriquez, 35, was shot to death in Ciudad Juarez because his gang thought she was providing visas to rivals.

Calderon urges Mexicans to unite against crime
In the wake of the assassination of a gubernatorial candidate, the president urges citizens to join against ‘a common enemy that today threatens to destroy not only our tranquility but our democratic institutions.’

Ex-police commander held in Michoacan ambush
Mexican officials say Miguel Ortiz Miranda, alias ‘El Tyson,’ directed operations in Morelia for the Michoacan-based La Familia, including an attack on security chief Minerva Bautista Gomez’s convoy

PRI candidate Rodolfo Torre slain in Tamaulipas
Gunmen ambush the gubernatorial candidate on a highway to Matamoros just days before an election he was expected to win.

Mexican state security minister can’t trust her own police
Minerva Bautista and her entourage were attacked by gunmen in Michoacan, turf of La Familia drug gang. The chief suspects are well known to her.

Mexico official blames army in two child deaths
The military had said the two children were killed at Easter after their van was caught in cross-fire between troops and drug gang gunmen. But the human rights official rejects the account.

Shootout leaves 14 dead in Mexico tourist spot
News reports said the shooting broke out when troops went to search a suspected criminal hide-out in Taxco, a picturesque town that draws thousands of visitors. All the dead were said to be gunmen.

At least 10 Mexican police officers killed in shootouts
Gunmen ambush the officers in Michoacan state. An unknown number of the assailants are slain, their bodies whisked away by survivors.

More than 2,200 arrested in crackdown on Mexican drug cartels
The United States has arrested more than 400 additional suspects — for a total of 2,200 over 22 months — as part of its crackdown on illegal drugs coming from Mexico, Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. announced Thursday morning.

Cartels smuggle U.S. drug money back to Mexico in cash, study finds
A new U.S.-Mexico government study estimates that $19 billion to $29 billion is shipped south, then laundered through cash purchases of land, luxury hotels, cars and other high-end items.

2 Monterrey officials kidnapped
The kidnapped officials head the transportation department of the affluent city, which has seen drug-trafficking violence rise sharply.

Cancun mayor’s arrest adds to Mexico worries
The charges against Gregorio Sanchez, on leave to run for governor, add new force to worries organized crime has infiltrated politics at all levels and is undermining moves toward a real democracy.

Cancun mayor’s arrest adds to Mexico worries
The charges against Gregorio Sanchez, on leave to run for governor, add new force to worries organized crime has infiltrated politics at all levels and is undermining moves toward a real democracy.

Cal State system’s ban on studying in Tijuana draws protest
University-sponsored activities there are frozen because of drug war violence. Students, faculty and Baja California officials say the policy is based on a distorted perception of the city.

Mexican president urges U.S. to ban assault rifles, overhaul immigration policy
President Felipe Calderon makes an impassioned plea to Congress, saying Mexico is being flooded with smuggled assault weapons and denouncing Arizona’s immigration law.

Politician’s disappearance rivets Mexico
In a country inured to killings and kidnappings, the disappearance of Diego Fernandez de Cevallos has horrified Mexicans — especially the ruling class. It has dominated headlines, talk shows, conversations.

Monterrey, Mexico, finally feeling the effects of the drug war
The wealthy city is perhaps paying the price for tolerating the presence of drug traffickers for so many years. Now, ‘security is collapsing,’ an official says.

Monterrey, Mexico, finally feeling the effects of the drug war
The wealthy city is perhaps paying the price for tolerating the presence of drug traffickers for so many years. Now, ‘security is collapsing,’ an official says.

Ex-Cancun mayor extradited to U.S. on drug charges
Mario Ernesto Villanueva Madrid is accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes to help the Juarez cartel ferry cocaine across the border.

Tijuana club scene revs up as drug-war fears ease
Several months after the capture of cartel boss Teodoro Garcia Simental, this Mexico city is looking more like its old, vibrant self.

Mexico army handling of civilian death inquiries questioned
A military-led inquiry and another by the attorney general find the army not responsible in recent cases of civilians being killed amid the war on drug cartels. But their credibility is questioned.

Gunmen kill 4, wound top security official in Michoacan
The state public security minister had just left ceremonies launching a state fair in Morelia when her armored SUV and bodyguard escort came under fire.

8 killed in ambush in Ciudad Juarez
A 17-year-old passerby and at least seven officers are slain as two police cars are attacked. Officials say the midday assault may have been retaliation for recent arrests targeting drug gangs.

Drug war ensnares Morelos state
Violence has increased recently in Morelos due to a battle for control of a drug cartel. Nearly 50 people have been killed in the state this year, newspapers say.

Caribbean countries seek anti-drug assistance from U.S.
Officials say in a meeting with Defense Secretary Robert Gates that a Washington-based crackdown in Mexico has pushed traffickers into their region.

Deadly street shootout strikes fear in Acapulco
In the Mexican resort city, gunmen fire at two men in a car and federal police officers. They also shoot at other vehicles, leaving behind casings from AK-47s, which are favored by drug hit men.

Mexico death toll in drug war higher than previously reported
More than 22,000 have died since President Felipe Calderon launched his crackdown on drug trafficking gangs, according to news reports citing confidential government figures.

Key figure in Juarez violence eludes capture
Eduardo Ravelo is believed to have helped turn Ciudad Juarez into Mexico’s homicide capital, with more than 600 slain there this year. Now he’s linked to the recent U.S. Consulate slayings.

Mexico drug gangs turn weapons on army
In northern states this week, gunmen fought troops and sought to confine some to their bases by cutting off access and blocking roads. The aggression shows they are not afraid to challenge the army.

Suspect details U.S. Consulate-related shootings, officials say
An Aztecs drug gang member says a consulate official’s husband, an El Paso corrections officer, was the target of the Ciudad Juarez attack that left three dead.

10 youths slain in Mexico
The students, ages 8 to 21, were on their way to pick up scholarships when apparent drug gang members opened fire and threw grenades when their vehicle didn’t stop at a checkpoint.

Mexico arrests alleged major heroin trafficker
Jose Antonio Medina, called ‘the king of heroin,’ was arrested in the state of Michoacan. He is suspected of heading a smuggling network that brought the drug to Southern California.

Clinton pledges more U.S. help in Mexico war on drug violence
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton leads a large U.S. delegation to Mexico City, reaffirming that the battle against violent gangs is one shared by both countries.

Mexico military faces political risks over drug war
As the death toll keeps climbing in Calderon’s crackdown on the drug trade, there is a growing feeling that the army has been less than effective as a police force.

Mexico border city relives nightmare of violence
Renewed feuding in Nuevo Laredo between drug gangs spurs old fears amid dozens of deaths.

President Calderon visits an angry Ciudad Juarez
In Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s president faces citizen outrage amid new signs his war on drug gangs is failing.

Consular slayings spotlight Mexico’s failures in fighting drug gangs
On a visit to Ciudad Juarez in the wake of the killings of an American couple and a Mexican, President Calderon is confronted by angry demonstrations and a tense, frustrated citizenry.\

Attack on a U.S. official is rare in Mexico
If drug traffickers in Ciudad Juarez deliberately targeted diplomatic personnel, it would mark a significant departure in tactics.

2 Americans and a third victim are killed in Mexico shootings
Two of the victims worked for the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez. Gunmen targeted the two cars involved as the people left a child’s birthday party.

Mexico puts its drug suspects on parade
Critics of the media events say human rights are also on the line, along with the country’s efforts to establish the rule of law. But Mexico wants to show victories in its drug war.

Mexico president says all cartels are pursued equally
President Felipe Calderon confronts an allegation long circulated that his government has gone easier on the Sinaloa cartel. ‘It is absolutely false,’ he says.

U.S. warns Americans to avoid Nuevo Laredo
Nineteen killings in three days in the region prompt the U.S. Consulate in Monterrey to issue the warning.

Juarez massacre may mark a turning for Mexico
The January killing of 15 young people has created a furor and left some wondering whether it’s a tipping point, a moment when Mexicans overcame their fear and fatalism to confront the violence.

A lethal business model targets Middle America
Sugar cane farmers from a tiny Mexican county use savvy marketing and low prices to push black-tar heroin in the United States.

Calderon visits Ciudad Juarez
In the traumatized border city, he talks of social programs aimed at boosting the fight against drug cartels.

2 suspected drug gang leaders held in Tijuana
Raydel Lopez Uriarte and Manuel Garcia Simental are believed to be top lieutenants in a cartel blamed for a string of massacres, police killings, beheadings and kidnappings in Tijuana.

Mexico massacre response fails to convince
Officials’ suggestions that slain Ciudad Juarez teens had drug ties anger relatives.

Mexico kidnapping attempt leaves 8 dead
A Mexico federal police officer and seven gunmen are killed after a kidnapping at a mall in Torreon. The two kidnapping victims are freed. Officials blame the Zetas drug gang.

Telephoned abduction claims bedeviling Mexico
A cottage industry has exploded alongside the skyrocketing kidnapping rate: telephoned shakedowns that play on fears, in which the perpetrators scamming for pesos make random, scattershot calls.

Mexico arrests suspect in Ciudad Juarez shooting attack on party
The man tells reporters that assailants targeted the high-school party because members of a rival trafficking group were said to be in attendance.

Ciudad Juarez police baffled by shooting of teens
The attack on a party attended by mostly high school and college students has ‘no apparent motive,’ the mayor says. The death toll rises to 16.

As Mexican teens celebrate school soccer win, gunmen open fire
Fourteen people are killed in Ciudad Juarez during a party in a private home, the latest victims of the drug war. More than 3,700 people have been slain in two years in this violent area of Mexico.

Mexico prison riot leaves at least 23 dead
All of the dead in the Durango prison uprising are inmates. The fighting is said to have been between members of rival drug-trafficking cartels.

Mexican drug lord Teodoro Garcia Simental, known for his savagery, is captured
The crime boss ‘El Teo,’ who authorities say is responsible for massacres and beheadings, is quietly arrested in Baja California. Hundreds fled Tijuana to avoid being kidnapped.

New years see Tijuana slip into cycle of violence
After some gains in Mexico’s drug war in 2009, Tijuana has had a bloody turn of events in the new year. More than a dozen people, four of them students, were reported slain in the last week.

Mexico’s drug violence respects no borders
The slaying of an El Monte educator visiting Mexico’s Durango state brings the drug war toll home to Southern California.

Wife of slain El Monte civic leader didn’t think drug war would touch her family
Betzy Salcedo knew of the drug violence in her home town of Gomez Palacio, but like many in Mexico, she was sure she could steer clear of it. The kidnapping and execution of her husband, Augustin Roberto “Bobby” Salcedo changed everything.

Book takes Mexico drug war to task
The book by two former Mexican government officials criticizes President Felipe Calderon’s campaign against the drug cartels. The authors say the focus should be on smaller-bore crimes.

This list continues to June 3, 2008.  The war is on our doorstep.