To those of us who grew up during this period of history, we saw it all and we never forgot.  Actual history must be recounted as it happened.  Few today know that Farrakhan was a blight on the mission to end racism.

During the great March On Washington in August of 1963, the Nation of Islam was not invited. Its members were not bothered because Malcolm X was to become a bit more famous by ridiculing the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and the whole affair as a meaningless piece of theater held in check by the almighty white man.


Integration was out, self-segregation was in. That’s the way it actually was.


Neither King nor any reputable people doing serious work would have anything to do with the Nation of Islam. It was too racist and too much of an intellectual embarrassment.


Racial complaint has become too lucrative a hustle, and a hustler must always remain true to the game. Principles never sell as well as slogans.

Well said.

via Is NAACP blind to Farrakhan & Co.? The Nation of Islam is built on racism and lies.   The entire article is well worth the read.  Got jury duty today so I won’t be here.