A spouse that is honest about the other half?  After 40 years of being married, it’s time to speak honestly.

In a new book, the wife of Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan questions whether he is fit for the nation’s top job and suggests his tenure might be short-lived.

In “You are Prime Minister, So What Will Change in Japan?” which was released this week, first lady Nobuko Kan lists a host of her husband’s shortcomings, from his failure to do any housework to his hot temper.

But it also depicts the premier, who took the job in June, as a caring father of two sons. And when he speaks spontaneously, he can be inspiring, she says. But not when he reads his speeches.

Kan, 63, has often called his wife “the opposition at home.” Asked by reporters about the book, Kan said he was too scared to read it.

via Japan PM’s wife criticizes him in new book – Yahoo! News.