Anyone see a problem with this?

New York, NY – A confessed Bronx wife-killer who destroyed his liver in a half-cocked suicide attempt blew past nearly 2,000 New Yorkers on the state’s transplant list to get a new organ, The Post has learned.

“It’s an outrage—a complete waste on a man who obviously had no regard for life,” said a friend of Jordania Sarita, 36, who cops say was stabbed to death by husband Johnny Concepcion on July 5.

Concepcion, 43, left New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center with his brand-new liver on Friday—and went straight to jail.

Sarita’s mother, Maria, told The Post: “There are people that wait years for a liver transplant. There are children on the waiting lists, people who work hard.

“And this guy who killed my daughter, who killed the mother of his children, then tried to take his life, gets priority over them? It doesn’t seem fair.”

New York, NY – Suicidal ‘Killer’ Gets Liver Transplant Skipping 1,800 on Waiting List.  Yes, the world is upside down.