Dusty the cat has bad rap in Calif. neighborhood as cat burglar, targeting bathing suits, kids’ toys.

His target of choice?

“Towels, gloves, shoes, socks and children’s toys,” owner Jean Chu told ABC News, ticking off the list of various household goods her pet has brought home.

The sneaky kitty has snatched more than 600 items over the course of three years, including one pair of shoes that he stole – on two separate trips, one foot at a time.

Chu and husband Coleman explain that Dusty makes his rounds late at night. The Animal Planet show “Must Love Cats” actually documented the feline’s nighttime forays with a night-vision camera as a part of its show.

“He took my mom’s swimming clothes,” one five-year-old neighbor exclaimed.

Dusty’s record for number of items in one night is an impressive 11 neighborhood goodies.

What a cat!