Wee piggies heading to market, but didn’t get there and are now rescued.  Yeah!

Let’s hope they get a wonderful new home.

The next – and perhaps final – chapter in the tale of the five little pigs that fell off a livestock truck into morning traffic on Interstate 540 this spring will be written by the highest bidder at public auction.

Despite all the publicity, no one has claimed ownership of the pigs, Durham authorities said, so all five of the swine will be sold May 27 at public auction, as state law requires.

That auction has captured the attention of a handful of livestock farmers and a slew of animal lovers from as far away as Florida and New York who say they are raising the cash to keep the pigs from becoming bacon.

Even an indie rock band that goes by the name of Mountain Goats has gotten into the act to save the pigs.

“They got a lot of national coverage, and there are a lot of people who would like to help the pigs,” said Shafonda Price, shelter manager for the Animal Protection Society of Durham.

Both Price and Durham Animal Control officer Lt. Melinda Hester have fielded calls from far and wide on the status of the pigs, which tumbled from a truck on Interstate 540 on a cold, rainy morning in late March, shocking morning commuters.

In the nearly six weeks since, the pigs have been pampered at the Durham shelter, where they have taken over the dog exercise pen, nestling in beds of hay and playing with one another.

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