Al Qaeda fanatic is DEAD: Serial killer jumps out flat window with all guns blazing in dramatic end to 32-hour siege

Definition of a jackhole’s behavior.

• French police surround house of ‘jihadist’

• Sakozy: soldiers died in ‘terrorist execution’

• Suspect named as Mohammed Merah, 24

• Merah previously ‘broke out of Afghan prison’

• Gunman cornered and family arrested

• Tense stand-off after two officers injured

• Killer ‘sought revenge for deaths of Palestinian children’

• French Burka ban ‘inspired killings’

• Gunman ‘threatened to post shooting footage online’

via Toulouse siege.

Officially the French government says it wants to capture him alive so that he can stand trial on charges of murdering seven people and injuring at least two others.

But it will not be an easy operation if he decides to stand and fight. He is reported to have an automatic rifle, a sub machinegun and grenades inside his apartment.

Profiling is a good thing.  Doug Saunders tweets on the pillar of the community:

So suspect had 15 convictions, spent a year in juvie, had 2 suspicious trips to Af/Pak, was expelled from Afghanistan by Americans.

Can someone tell Barack and Janet this?  Apparently, this POS is going to become our problem.

15.54 Prosecutor Francois Molins said the US army previously sent the Toulouse gunman back to France after he was arrested in Afghanistan. Afghan police detained Mohammed Merah and then handed him over to the US army “who put him on the first plane headed to France,” Mr Molins said.

Barack and Janet, it looks like we have a little problem now.   Now comes the claim of “mental illness.”