I’ve always like Jamie Lee Curtis.  She’s so funny, witty and bright.

‘We are in the chain of our ancestors, like it or not,’ she assures her readers. ‘These are truths to be celebrated and in other countries they are. The term older and wiser is actually in play everywhere but here.

‘In America, we celebrate youth and all youth’s indiscretions and follies. We cling to the shiny new thing, we stare at altered photographs and wonder why we don’t measure up.’

And in a rallying cry she asks men to ‘join the beat’ of the drum that she says is getting louder.

‘Men, honor your women and girls. Tell them that they are beautiful and show them that you mean it. Pattern your behavior so that young men can learn about what are and are not appropriate ways to talk about women.

via Jamie Lee Curtis on her disgust at America’s fight against ageing.