Dad makes 12-year-old son hold ‘I’m a thief’ sign on street corner.

But his dad isn’t worried about any psychological scars or the public notoriety gained from Jose’s punishment. “Nah, he’s only 12 years old,” he said. “Everybody makes mistakes at that time in their life. It’s about being corrected.”

In addition to making his son hold the sign, Joseph took Jose to his school, where he made him admit his theft to school officials and a police officer.

He lifted $100 from his own cousin, who does that?  Kudos to dad.   It’s not a bad thing.   Looks like Jose is gaining some insight…

“I think it’s, like, fair,” Jose says in the video.

I think that the poohbah psychologist who believes 12 year olds are too young to gain insight is wrong.  Give the kid credit for understanding that his actions were wrong.  BTW, shame is one of those things that used to keep people in line.