Octomom Nadya Suleman admits she regrets undergoing IVF treatment for octuplets.  Yes, that is Nadya’s home.

‘Looking back, was it a mistake to go back and have IVF after having six children already?’ interviewer Tamron Hall asked.

‘Yes,’ said Suleman. ‘Absolutely. Was I was in my lucid state of mind? I don’t know at that point. I could rationalise myself away and I’m good at rationalising.’

When asked if she gave serious thought three years ago to how she would provide for such a large family, Nadya gave a sobering answer.

‘I think at that time I was in denial,’ she said.

But she is training to be a fitness instructor so that she can work while they sleep right now.  What happened to social worker?  I guess living in an open book environment for everyone to see pretty much repudiates all sense of sanity for anyone watching.  I still think that the jackass that made money off the IVF treatments should pay to raise everyone of those kids until adulthood.