Meet 7 year old Dina Frank who was pulled by TSA for terrorist screaming.  Dina has cerebral palsy.  She uses crutches and walks with the aid of leg braces.

With her crutches and orthotics, Dina cannot walk through metal detectors and instead is patted down by security agents. The girl, who is also developmentally disabled, is often frightened by the procedure, her father said.

Marcy Frank usually asks the agents to introduce themselves to her daughter, but those on duty on Monday were exceptionally aggressive, Joshua Frank said, and he began to videotape them with his iPhone.

“And the woman started screaming at me and cursing me and threatening me,” he said.

Eventually, a supervisor decided it was sufficient to inspect Dina’s crutches and allowed the family to leave for the gate.

They were there for an hour before the agents reappeared with a manager to tell them that proper protocol had not been followed, and that Dina had to be screened after all, the Franks said. After initially offering to pat her down at the gate, they insisted she return to the security area, Joshua Frank said.

It sure looks and sounds like harassment to me.

Yup, Dina looks like a national security threat to TSA.  Her dad’s a pediatrician.  He probably thought that TSA would probably understand what wearing leg braces and crutches means, right?    Disabled.

When did crutches and leg braces become a sure sign of terrorist alert?  Can someone please tell Janet that molesting disabled children is morally corrupt?  Grabbing the snarklies on a patdown is wrong as well.