I’m going to burst if I hear one more man tell another woman that they are in need of maintenance, less the world be a fuglier place.  I could not agree more with our SOS Hillary Clinton via  Shout it loud, we’re wrinkly and proud!

…‘life is too short’ gets more meaningful when there’s less of it left. As Hillary Clinton ably put it last week, when snapped without slap on: ‘At some point it’s just not something that deserves a lot of time and attention.’

Meet Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh who rules as an expert on women’s beauty and Botox?   He makes a lot of $$$$ selling women maintenance products in order to make a less fugly world. 

(Does he use the product to not make the world a fuglier place?  You be the judge.) 

Shout it loud, we're wrinkly and proud! A defiant jab at cosmetic surgeons who say women are ugly without Botox | Mail Online

He even hangs upon his wall a picture of Brigitte Bardot as a warning of how grotesque a woman becomes should she reject such procedures.

According to him, this could be you.

Maintenance is not a perk up for a tired face, it’s more of a “digging for gold” to the good ole bank account.

He banks not on self-respect; he banks — literally, at £400 a pop — on self-loathing.


For Sebagh and his ilk, the message is clear: the defining characteristic of ugliness is age and, by extension, the defining characteristic of an unworthy woman is one who shows any sign of it.


…here they are again: about to be judged, physically, by men — and here’s a man, a doctor no less, to tell them the rules.

In a related story about how women are supposed to look after having children comes this nasty review of the world’s most beautiful woman.  She now has a double chin, the horror!  I never thought having kids, and growing old was a bad thing.

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