Of all the stupid and idiotic decisions, what was this judge thinking?    Having listened to the situation that this young woman is in, he wants to make an example out of her even though she is an honor student?

A judge threw a 17-year-old 11th grade honor student from Willis High School in jail after she missed school again.

Judge Lanny Moriarty said last month Diane Tran was in his Justice of the Peace court for truancy and he warned her then to stop missing school.  But she recently missed classes again so Wednesday he issued a summons and had her arrested in open court when she appeared.

Tran said she works a full-time job, a part-time job and takes advanced placement and dual credit college level courses.  She said she is often too exhausted to wake up in time for school.  Sometimes she misses the entire day, she said.  Sometimes she arrives after attendance has been taken.

Gosh almighty, the state can’t afford to lose those $3 or $4 they collect off each headcount everyday.    Does it matter that this young woman is actually doing well in school?  She could easily drop out of school and take the GED (which I am sure that she would ace).

The judge ordered Tran to spend 24 hours in jail and pay a $100 fine.  Judge Moriarty admitted that he wants to make an example of Tran.

“If you let one (truant student) run loose, what are you gonna’ do with the rest of ‘em? Let them go too?” Judge Moriarty asked.

Honor student placed in jail for tardiness and truancy at school.  Can someone explain to me where the wisdom is in this jackass’s decision to punish this young woman?  Would we rather see her dropping out of school?  If I lived in Houston, I would strongly consider recalling this dumbass out of his chair.  He doesn’t seem to have much in the way of common sense.

Well done Judge, NOT!