He screwed us all.

…what Roberts really did was to abuse his power in a way that sets two precedents all freedom-loving people should find literally terrifying.

First, he told Congress that it may now tax us for standing still, for doing absolutely nothing. We can now be taxed simply for being born. Second, Roberts rewrote the ObamaCare legislation from the bench — literally. He turned what Congress described in its law as a mandate into a tax as a way around the Commerce Clause. The Supreme Court is all about tradition and precedent. To save ObamaCare, Roberts rewrote it, and you can bet that we will now see this kind of appalling behavior again.

Moreover, no one, not even among the jubilant left, is able to cite a legal defense of Roberts’ decision. The best they can summon is that Roberts was motivated by his desire to protect the integrity of the Court, that he didn’t want another high-profile 5-4 decision along ideological lines. Well, nowhere in the Constitution does is say that the opinion of the editorial writers at the New York Times and Washington Post trumps the Constitution and individual liberty.

via How the Media Convinced Justice Roberts To Be 2012’s Kathleen Parker.