Friday, July 6th, 2012

Restaurant Owner Serves President Obama Breakfast, Dies.

The owner of the Ohio restaurant where President Barack Obama breakfasted this morning died later today.

Josephine “Ann” Harris, 70, the owner of Ann’s place, was pronounced dead at 11:18 a.m., after complaning of “fatigue and a tingling feeling,” the Akron Beacon Journal reported.



Absolutely spot on.

The Crawdad Hole

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Let me get right to the point: We need to start developing some talking points on The Affordable Care Act (ACA). I say this because in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling, I have encountered a proliferation of Obama supporters talking up the good sides of the health care bill (extended child benefit and the elimination of pre-existing conditions among them). In addition, political operatives are busy making the progressive equivalent of the “welfare queen” talking point by calling people without health insurance “freeloaders.”

These argument will make inroads if they are not met with clear, consistent opposition. We can’t afford to let them persuade people who already have insurance (the vast majority of Americans) that this will benefit everyone. It won’t. It will hurt everyone, one way or another, whether it’s the loss of employer-provided health care, the loss of health care freedoms, or…

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