Chief Justice Roberts is perceived to have made a the call on Bam’s tax care out of desire to validate the court.  Perhaps, his thinking was correct in wanting the mandate to be readdressed by those who began the process?  All I know is that I am screwed.

What he forgot were the citizens and what they wanted.  All three branches are now above the citizen’s will.  We had this political time bomb dumped onto our laps.   While these folks mentally masturbate over their roles in healthcare for the masses, we the people will be working steadfastly to pay for something that we did not want.  I do believe that if these three branches of government really want this turd, they should become willing participants and have their pockets picked and their healthcare rationed as well.

But some people say you would have to go back nearly 70 years to see this kind of tension, and almost bitterness, that now exists among the justices.

via Discord at Supreme Court is deep, and personal.  Do I care that these people who sit on SCOTUS have issues now?   Absolutely not.