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NAACP Leaders: Romney Can’t Connect With Black Audiences

Black leaders here blamed Mitt Romney for the booing he received from the audience at the NAACP convention here today.

It wasn’t just his sharply-worded criticism of President Obama’s policies, several people in attendance told BuzzFeed: It’s that Romney doesn’t know how to talk to black audiences.

“I believe his vested interests are in white Americans,” said Charlette Stoker Manning, chair of Women in NAACP. “You cannot possibly talk about jobs for black people at the level he’s coming from. He’s talking about entrepreneurship, savings accounts — black people can barely find a way to get back and forth from work.”

Pointing to what she sees as Romney’s lack of interaction with the poor African-Americans, Manning added, “It’s such a big gap in what he’s attempting to sell us.”

Some convention attendees at the Houston gathering of the venerable black group interpreted…

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