Good gawd, now the parental unit poser is engaged to this woman. Can someone please help this woman get a clue?

The Crawdad Hole

Daily Mail Online:

A father has told how he managed to escape the Dark Knight Rises shooting – but was horrified to realise he had lost his four-month old son on the floor of the theatre in the chaos.

The infant was rescued by his mother who had a shrapnel wound to her leg but still managed to drag the child and their four-year-old daughter to safety.

Jamie Rohrs and Patricia Legarreta took their infant son Ethan and four-year-old daughter to the midnight screening in Aurora, Colorado, thinking the children would sleep through the movie as they sat on the second floor balcony.

When gunman James Holmes burst in and began shooting Ms Legaretta heard her fiance shout at her to get down on the floor.

She was then hit in the leg and fell to the floor herself.

Rohrs jumped over the seat with their baby son and…

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