Bilingual education enslaves everyone…jacks of all trade and a master of neither.   We must change this attitude if we are to make significant strides in our lives.  Our children deserve better.

The power and influence of Spanish-language media is undeniable.

In El Paso, Spanish is the language of preference for many people. It is also widely spoken as a courtesy to Mexican nationals who often live, work and do business along the border. Nothing wrong with that.

Really?  Ask anyone who has been transplanted to the southern border if they are able to apply for work without knowing Spanish.

Unfortunately, too many immigrants find neither the need nor the desire to become fluent in the English language. Many simply find it completely unnecessary to do so, confident in the fact that the bank teller, the store clerk and the police officer will always speak to them in their own language.

But English is the dominant language of the U.S. and should be spoken by all of its citizens, even those living along the border with Mexico.

What is worrisome is that far too many adult immigrants and legal foreign residents living in the U.S. have failed to master the English language despite some having lived in this country for decades. Many simply don’t recognize fluency in English as an important part of their personal development.

I always argued with my former students about why it was so important to master English.  I felt that they would never be able to break any ceiling as long as they could not communicate well in English.   Some were absolutely brilliant however, they were held back by their poor language skills.

Let’s review, what language is the ACT and the SAT written in?  You want to move forward, master the language?  No one says that you should let go of your first language, but mastery of English will ensure freedom.

via Roy’s Media Matters: Spanish language media have obligation.