WTF is wrong with these people?   These beautiful women are strong athletes.

CAIRO: On Friday early afternoon, a hashtag that had been circulating the micro-blogging site Twitter had been taken over by supporters of Saudi Arabia’s female athletes after having begun two days earlier calling the Saudi women “prostitutes.”

Wojdan Shaherkani (Judo) and Sarah Attar (athletics) are set to be the first women to ever represent the ultra-conservative Gulf kingdom at the Olympics, but they were met with online users starting the Arabic hashtag “prostitutes at the Olympics” in an effort to defame the two women.

However, on Friday, those in support of the two women had taken over the hashtag, showing their overwhelming support for the women.

One user wrote that “these women are heroes” and another said “we will never back down from our freedom, go Saudi women.”

Online activists take over Twitter hashtag calling Saudi female athletes “prostitutes”.