Why should we be surprised at the MSM’s unwillingness to tell the whole story?

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Update X2

BREAKING! (approx 1:30 p.m. 08/13) Alert reader ProudMilitaryMom has made me aware that CBS has restored the Solyndra remarks to the supposed complete interview video! You can now find these remarks starting at the 11.27 mark on the video. These comments were not there last night. I ran the video three times before I posted this article, and checked everywhere online to see if I could find a clip or a quote.

Interestingly enough, about an hour ago I checked my blog stats and found that someone on the internal servers at Fleishman Hillard, a public relations firm, had been to my blog. I was wondering what that was about, but I think we now have our answer. If you want to put the details together yourself, just check out their client list on Wikipedia. Clearly a left-leaning PR firm with lots of Chicago connections.  Also, check…

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