A group of former US Navy SEALs, other Special Forces troops and CIA operatives is to launch a national campaign to tell Barack Obama: ‘Mr. President, you did not kill Osama bin Laden, America did.’

The group, calling itself OPSEC, short for Operational Security, will also highlight the slew of national security leaks from the Obama administration, which Mitt Romney has also focussed on.

And in May, former and serving SEALS told MailOnline of their dismay that Obama had begun to use the killing of the terror mastermind tohis own political advantage.

‘Intelligence and Special Operations members are angry and frustrated at how our work has been used for political advantage by officials across government, including President Obama himself who bears special responsibility as Commander in Chief,’ Scott Taylor, chairman of OPSEC and a former SEAL, told Reuters.

via Former SEALs and CIA operatives to slam Obama over leaks and bin Laden bragging.

And let’s not forget the disappointed in Teh Won.