Just a reminder, in case you’ve forgotten who Barack’s special friends are.

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Sing Bette Midler’s lyrics to “You’ve Gotta Have Friends” while you peruse Obama’s pals.  Sing outloud and drown out the Obama’s Children Choir that has been stuck in your head since you heard it.

I’m a little sick of the idea of using children to promote political positions and especially candidates, so I’m inclined to look at this kind of effort with a jaundiced eye under any circumstances. However, this video seems even creepier than most.

Just keep humming…

’cause you got to have friends.
Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, friends.
That’s right you, oh you, yeah you,
I said you gotta have some friends,
I’m talkin’ about friends, that’s right, friends.
Friends, friends, friends.

Some of these folks pride themselves by wearing the label of “community organizer.”

Careful about bringing them up as Obama surrogates will label you a RACIST if you start yapping about…

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