Down Syndrome girl Rimsha accused of blasphemy in Pakistan.  You know that young girl who was accused of tearing pages out of a Koran?  So the goatf*ckers placed her in prison to await her fate.  Gues what?  Turns out she was set up by a troglodite called an Imam.

A Muslim cleric was arrested today for framing a blasphemy accusation against an 11-year-old Christian girl who reportedly suffers from Down syndrome, reports Reuters. Witnesses said the cleric tore pages from a Koran and put them in the girl’s bag, which led to the original outrage and charges against the girl. The girl is scheduled to have a bail hearing tomorrow. While the death penalty (the maximum sentence for blasphemy) has never been carried out in Pakistan, critics say the laws incite violence and extremism, and that the country’s Christian minority is especially vulnerable.

Score one for good against evil.  h/t Nom