The Hillary is 44 blog folks are on top of it.

Our despondency was lifted last night for several reasons one of which was a news story which made this weeks events all gel together like larks tongue ascending in aspic.

The story was via Buzzfeed and it concerned Barack Obama in the 1990s saying some very nasty things about Bill Clinton’s (and Jesse Jackson’s) values. You can go read the story for yourselves in its entirety but this is what we found interesting:

“The recording, given to BuzzFeed by a Republican source, comes from a lecture on the nature of community values he delivered at Nebraska Wesleyan University on September 9, 1994.”

Barack Obama attacking Bill Clinton in a foreshadowing of the 2008 election cycle is not what caught our eye. It was not the news in the news story but the news story itself that merits attention. What we wrote last night:

“The significance of this is that the Romney campaign was smart enough to hit with it tonight. More importantly it shows Mitt Romney’s campaign has a terrific opposition research team. No one else every [sic] found this tape but the Romney campaign did. Maybe Obama will be vetted this time.”

We assumed it was the Romney campaign that released this information to Buzzfeed. But it might have been someone not officially affiliated with the Romney campaign. It really doesn’t matter if it was the Romney campaign or Rove’s Crossroads groups or someone[s] else.

Someone, a Republican, provided the information to Buzzfeed and that someone or someones is not only wise enough to release information which sticks yet another wedge between the Clintons (and Jacksons – remember in 2008 Jesse wanted to cut Obama’s shriveled gonads off) but that entity had the smarts to release it at the right moment. This Republican entity found that audio tape which no one else found – what else might they have found?

Exclusive Audio: In 1994, Obama Criticized Clinton’s “Values” Pitch.