California man confirms role in anti-Islam film

Death To America

More “Death to America” from the haters.   The lamestream media points the finger at this “movie” clip to this guy.

…the film’s key player was a southern Californian Coptic Christian with a checkered past.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, told The Associated Press in an interview outside Los Angeles Wednesday that he managed logistics for the company that produced “Innocence of Muslims,” which mocked Muslims and the prophet Muhammad.

via California man confirms role in anti-Islam film.  Should have been called The Ruse, but that’s just me (I call it like I see it.).  I think MadTV does a better Death To America than this trailer does.

PULEEZE, anyone who has seen the trailer will vouch for this being one of the worse film clips evah.  Now, we find that the actors feel duped.  They gave their Academy Award winning performances and for what?  Someone spent $5 million on this epic mess and they aren’t going to make squat off residuals., right?


The late Christopher Hitchens wrote on the futility of appeasing the worldwide Rage Boy mob

Time to shutdown the stupidity.  If the guy in the White House can’t see that these people are telling him to take his Cairo speech and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, I don’t know what will make him stop pandering to these crazies.   The entitlement funds need to go as well.

Free speech means free speech, as free as the air that we all breathe.  It is not a selective option.  We don’t have to accept what is said, but I call bollocks on the pandering (which includes our own) that this White House has slobbered all over the Middle East extremists.   Enough is enough.  (Why is Warren Weinstein asking Bibi for help?)  We must serve an eviction notice this November.