The grim reality is telling.

We are in a depression. The only reason the government achieves any plausible deniability with their assertions that “we are not in a depression” is by comparing the “obvious” visuals: we “don’t have bread lines” like they did in the 1930s. No. No, we don’t. Because the “bread lines” of today are concealed electronically. That guy checking out in front of you just paid for his groceries with a card. Did you get to see what kind of card? No? Roughly a third of those “guys in front of you” are paying with “food stamp” cards.

Teh won must be put out to pasture in November.  Remember this sleazy guy?  Axleick’s own words.

David Axelrod In 2005: Adding Three Trillion To The Deficit In Four Years Is “Madness”

The senior Obama campaign advisor, who ducked a question on having a discussion on Social Security this morning, saying “this is not the time” wanted to discuss the issue on Fox News in 2005.   Axelrod also hit Bush for adding three trillion dollars to the national debt, calling it “madness” and “massive.”

“There’s a discussion to be had about Social Security….there’s a discussion to be had about the massive debt and deficit that President created. I think we ought to have that discussion.”

“Denial is saying we are conservatives. Maybe we can run up the deficit another three trillion dollars in the next four years. That’s not conservatism, that’s madness.”