Shamelessly stolen from TCH. Why doesn’t Univision do this type of investigative journalism in Mexico? How do they miss a 300′ tower?  I guess the same way that they miss the tunnels, and all the other big stuff that happens there.


The Crawdad Hole

It turns out we actually do have a news media in this country. Unfortunately it’s in Spanish:

Daily Caller:

Spanish-language television network Univision plans to air a television special that it said reveals more violence than previously known, as well as the stories of how many more Operation Fast and Furious victims were killed, the network announced in a Friday release.

“The consequences of the controversial ‘Fast and Furious’ undercover operation put in place by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in 2009 have been deadlier than what has been made public to date,” the network said. “The exclusive, in-depth investigation by Univision News’ award-winning Investigative Unit — Univision Investiga — has found that the guns that crossed the border as part of Operation Fast and Furious caused dozens of deaths inside Mexico.”

Among other groups of Fast and Furious victim stories Univision says it…

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