Texas AG warns UN poll watchers to keep their distance.

In compliance with the code, U.N. poll watchers will be barred from entering polling places and must keep a distance of a minimum of 100 feet from a polling place’s entrance.

Abbott pointed out numerous concerns surrounding the decision to send monitors. The U.N.-affiliate reportedly met with Project Vote, an organization closely affiliated with the now-defunct group ACORN, that has filed lawsuits challenging Texas voter registration laws.

While that lawsuit was rejected by a federal appeals court in September, Project Vote sent a letter to OSCE requesting they send international poll watchers to specifically monitor U.S. states, like Texas, that have recently enacted voter ID laws. Liberal organizations such as the ACLU and NAACP also made this request to the UN-affiliate, additionally citing Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida and Ohio.

And I will be the first one to alert the media and anyone else if I see anything shady going on.  These people are tied to OFA.  This crap may wash elsewhere, but not here.