Storm was cruel to elderly, including Staten Islanders, who declined evacuation.  Make no mistake, the msm is doing it’s usual cherry picking on stories.  POTUS ignores everything except photo ops.  Sadly, this storm hit much like Katrina…devastating.   Who would have considered a 900 mile wide storm making its way to the northeast in October?

Shortages of gas, power, food, a clueless idiot that blames the media for canceling the marathonBack to the lines waiting for gas. We hope and pray that those suffering will find comfort in that we know about them.   We won’t forget.  Throughout the days, there have been rescues.   Bless the loyal ones for staying to the end.

A spirited dog who was pinned under the tree that killed his owner and her best friend for 12 hours has been pulled out alive.

Max suffered lacerations in his mouth, a broken jaw and head injuries and was discovered next to the dead bodies of Jessie Streich-Kest, 24, and Jacob Vogelman, 23, who walked him in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, New York, believing the worst of Superstorm Sandy had passed.

They were crushed at around 8pm on Monday evening but in the chaos their bodies were not found until 7.55am on Tuesday.