Where there is curiousity, opportunity ensues.  A young man picking and scavaging through trash to create.  There is hope for the world.  How exciting to listen to someone who wants to change his world for the better.  Kelvin is going to do well in life.

Meet Kelvin Doe, an inspiring 15 year old from Sierra Leone who repurposes rubbish to create his own electronic gadgets. Known in his community as DJ Focus, because of his belief in focusing the mind to invent new things to better his own life and the lives of those in his community.

Kelvin has attracted the attention of the like of MIT, becoming the youngest person in history to be invited in their ‘Visiting Practitioner’s Program. Kelvin’s story is a fascinating and inspiring one, and well worth a look.

Even in some of the most impoverished places, there are individuals as young as Kelvin who are striving to better their lives and the lives of others around them through the power of technology and engineering.

Inspiring Teenager from Sierra Leone turns trash into technology.

h/t Nom