Asperger’s has been in the news recently, since the latest revision of the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual (DSM-5) merged the condition with autism – meaning “Asperger’s disorder” will no longer be a diagnosis in the future.  The decision to eliminate the term has been very controversial.

Before the recent revisions to the DSM-5, Asperger’s syndrome was considered to be a mild form of autism, often referred to as high-functioning autism (HFA).  According to the Mayo Clinic, the core issues for children with autism include problems with social interaction, language and behavior.

Adam Lanza had problems.  It is said that he had Asperger.

I’m concerned about the recent drop of Asperger’s disorder from the DSM-5. I think no longer having Asperger’s as a diagnosis may diminish the amount of proper early intervention – which is key to mainstream treatment.

via What is Asperger’s syndrome?  The problem with all of this is that Adam’s mom would not have liked how the government would take care of her son.