When kindness turns into a raw, open wound that doesn’t heal.

Warning: This story is probably going to enrage you. Part-time New Yorker Melissa Frost — full disclosure: she’s a friend of mine — wanted to help out the victims of Hurricane Sandy and she conveniently had a vacant room in the house she owns in Philadelphia. So when a 55-year-old man got in touch with her about renting out a room, she was all too happy to let him move in. “I got a response to the ad for the house from this guy saying he had been displaced by Sandy, and was still in Rockaways with no heat,” Frost told The Frisky. “He had pets and a seemingly good Internet persona–well educated, 55 … a reasonable adult.” Since her house happened to be unrented at the moment, “I told him it could be a good layover spot while he looked to find permanent housing.”

But no good deed goes unpunished.

So Melissa arranged to have the man come and check out her house, so she could suss him out personally. Instead, “He showed up in a van with all of his things––including his two cats and dog,” she explained. “He thought he could just move in right then and there, and I said, directly — multiple times — ‘I’m very uncomfortable’ and ‘Can’t I have at least a day to think it over?’ to which he basically said no. He said he had this rented van that he needed to return and these pets [to care for] and this and that.”

The plan was for the man to stay there for the month of November. Because of his Hurricane Sandy refugee status, Melissa asked for a check in the amount of $600, which is what she estimated her utilities would cost. Here’s where tenant/landlord law gets crazy. Despite not having a lease or sublease with her, when Frost cashed his check, he officially became her tenant.

via True Story: Woman Invites Hurricane Sandy Refugee To Stay With Her, He Gets Violent And Refuses To Leave.  It only gets worse.  Troll should be physically thrown out to the curb.  These events only make it more difficult to be empathetic toward those in real need.