Before there was health insurance, there was a doctor that would actually make housecalls.  I know that you have seen them on the old black and white movies.  Welcome the old.

Greetings to all the good people on this exceptional site, My name is Dr. Gary Berlin, and I own and operate Carmel Care PLLC, a local Dallas – Fort Worth medical company offering 24/7 private urgent house calls to patients of all ages.  Think of my practice as an urgent care facility that is always open and comes directly to you. I will be delighted to take care of you or your loved ones in the privacy of your own home, office or hotel room. This is a very unique and entirely patient-centered service, offered by an experienced board-certified emergency physician.

Please note that I do not accept any insurance or health plan, primarily because I work for my patients only, and I do not wish to allow any outside interests to interfere with the delivery of my medical care. However, my services are priced fairly and provide a real alternative to today’s impersonal and hurried acute medicine.

To learn more about my services and qualification, please visit my website and feel free to call me anytime with any urgent matter at 1-888-227-6352.  Finally, allow me to share a strategic advice that is especially applicable to today’s healthcare: know your rights, exercise your options, and never allow anyone to make decisions for you!


Gary L. Berlin, MD, MBA.

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