Because it is going to cost a lot more than what they won to fix it.

Two brothers that were celebrating their good fortune of winning $75,000 on a winning lottery ticket accidentally blew up their home in Wichita, Kan.

The brothers planned to celebrate by having a party at their home in the 100 block of North Nevada Court. They bought marijuana and methamphetamine on Saturday evening and brought it back to their house.

One brother went to the kitchen to refuel the butane torches they planned to use to light their bongs, reports the Wichita Eagle. While emptying a couple of large cans of butane, some of it leaked into the air.

“The butane vapor reached the pilot light in the furnace, and as you might expect, ka-boom,” said Wichita Police Sgt. BruceWatts while trying to keep from laughing.

KFDL reported that one of the brother’s girlfriends drove him to the hospital and didn’t even go in with him, but just dropped him off and “sped off.”

Brothers blow up house accidentally after celebrating winning lottery.  Well, I guess it was good times while it lasted.

h/t Nom who always seems to find stuff that cracks me up.  I know that I shouldn’t laugh, but I did.