Top Level Chinese Official Misses Flight, Goes Apeshit on Boarding Desk.

Oh, but not to be outdone…we have our own that have special thoughts about how we should run our lives.

h/t Anthony

Of course we can only be grateful to have such “smart” people run the world, right?

LAPD Officers Sold Guns to Civilians and Gun Dealers, Threatened Whistleblower Who Exposed the Scheme

A Los Angeles police officer has alleged in court that members of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) bought and sold guns for profit–including to civilians, according to a report in the Courthouse News Service.

If that doesn’t make your juices flow, how about the 1.5 Trillion dollar boo boo from our illustrious Pentagon?  So, why are the Medicare seniors getting screwed??

Seems to me that there is plenty of money to work with if the fools in charge were taken out to the woodshed and left there.