New World Order moving forward just as planned.

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As if our Hypocrite-in-Chief has not done enough to sabotage our energy resources, now we hear that we are more than happy to give drilling rights to China in the Gulf. Best part is how the Treasury Dept. and the other Departments got their long fingers into the matter. Just think about it. No pipeline for us, but plenty for China. Obama’s bundler’s make out swell. H/T. goes to Judicial Watch and their FOIA request which has not been responded to.

Treasury Decision Gives Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation Drilling Rights in Strategic Gulf of Mexico Waters, Provides Apparent Windfall of Financial Returns to Major Obama Contributors.

But let me digress first. Recall this one that covered what foreign companies are doing to us. One example:

China buying up U.S. Energy Supplies

CNOOC recently completed a 570 million dollar deal that gives it a one-third interest in huge oil and gas deposits in…

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